5 Best Apps To Secure Data For Android Mobile

Our smart-phones have become such an integral part of our lives that it is impossible to imagine even a single day without them.

The hugely popular Android platform supports a large number of devices and while they provide a wide variety of applications catering to our every conceivable requirement, it has become necessary to install data secure apps as our mobile phones have become custodians of all our sensitive information attracting the attention of unscrupulous elements.

Here are a few of such apps which can prevent their misuse.

Secure Mobile app


Our thirst for uninterrupted and fast connectivity has resulted in the widespread use of Wi-Fi networks and not just at home but anywhere without ever giving a thought to the danger of them being used to gaining unsolicited access to our gadgets.

This paid service with a free 7-day trial boasts of more than 3,500 servers spread across 60 countries and helps by hiding your IP address and displaying the address of the chosen server instead which is extremely beneficial when using public Wi-Fi accounts.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

Coming from a reputed Android mobile app development company with a proven track record in the field, It has categorized its list according to specific uses like anti-DDoS, dedicated IP address and video sharing and those who love torrent will be happy to find compatible servers featuring P2P support.

The CyberSec facility of this product helps block irritating ads and the URLs of harmful websites.

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2.Authy 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your account in the form of the second type of identity verification like a code generated by a phone app, in addition to your usual password.

This safety feature is offered by almost every online service and once enabled a QR code will be generated which you need to store in Authy which will then connect to the service and generate unique codes whenever there is a login attempt by you.


With the facility to add multiple devices, one does not need to separately scan the code on each device by simply adding them in its list.

The provision of generating secure tokens even in offline mode is another convenient attribute as is the cloud encrypted backup which guards the tokens and can be used to retrieve the accounts if a machine is lost.


A common problem faced by most of us is how to remember the password to each of our accounts and with the suggestion that one should regularly change them, it becomes even more difficult.

The solution to this is a password manager and this entry on our list of data secure apps is among the best of the lot which guards all your valuable passcodes in a vault.

The user needs to memorize only one master password which acts as the key access to all other apps and websites by automatically filling their required fields and the process can be made simpler if your fingerprint is stored as the master key using the sensor of your phone.

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Photos, credit card information and audio notes can also be stored unharmed and the emergency access provision can be used to give dependable family members or friends access to your AES 256-bit encrypted vault.


We use our mobile for messaging frequently and almost every Android user is using one or more messengers but we hardly give a thought to whether our data is safe on them or not.

Signal is one of the best and most secure messaging applications which does not store any of a subscriber’s data on remote server and uses end to end encryption meaning only the sender and receiver are privy to a message.

One can send texts, images, video and audio files and create groups with protection ensured for related data like group icon or members details.

A very interesting feature when a voice call is made and one which enhances safety is that on making a call both the parties see a randomly generated two-word phrase which can be used to authenticate the identity of the call receiver.


Mails whether personal or professional are repositories of sensitive information and extra caution needs to be exercised while operating an online mailing amenity.

Founded by European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN as the group is popularly known, this email service has more than 2 million subscribers to whom it provides Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) end to end encryption with trendy qualities like customized swipe actions.

No personal details are required to subscribe and the company assures that it also does not store any data like IP addresses that can be used to track an email account while timers can be set for a message to destroy after a fixed period in addition to password-protected mailing feature for non- ProtonMail using recipients.

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Investing in data security apps should be second nature to any Android user as the open-source nature of the platform attracts not only ethical developers trying to add value by innovating productive creations but also people with malicious intent with immoral objectives.

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