KeySmart Pro with Tile

KeySmart Pro – Best Keys Locater with GPS Tracking Feature

If you are a supporter of minimal carriage of keys, it’s likely that you know KeySmart. If you really hate the experience of losing your keys, which is highly probable, then you must have heard of Tile, a GPS monitor.

The two brands have collaborated to produce KeySmart Pro, a smart key carrier with an inbuilt GPS. From the collaboration, there is no doubt that the future of keys is here with the KeySmart Pro with Tile. The product has a capacity to hold 10 keys and the design is very light for flexible carrying.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

What’s Special about the New KeySmart Pro?

The special element of the KeySmart Pro is its tracking feature. The product comes with an inbuilt Tile chip that you link to the Tile App on your mobile phone. The Tile app is available on Google Play and App Store.

With the app, you can remotely locate your lost keys wherever they are even if you don’t know where you last used them. In case you misplace your phone and you have the KeySmart Pro, you can easily find it. Currently, you can enjoy the new KeySmart Pro coupons at flexible rates.

The KeySmart Pro Specifications

  • Keys Locator: To locate your missing keys, you just need to press the location button on your smartphone and the missing keys will ring. You can also tell the exact location that your missing keys are in case you don’t remember where you last used them.
  • Phone Locator: The beauty of this feature is that you can find your missing phone even if it’s on silent mode. You just need to press the phone locator button twice and your phone will ring wherever it is.
  • USB Charging Cable: The USB cable allows you to charge the KeySmart Pro in less than 2 hours. When charged fully, you can use the KeySmart Pro for at least 2 months without recharging. When charging, the device blinks orange, and when full, the display is a green light.
  • Ultra-Bright LED: The inbuilt LED is meant to be used as a normal flashlight. You can use it at night to locate the keyhole on your door. If you want the light to stay for about 10 seconds, you should tap the LED button twice.
  • Smart Bottle Opener: The KeySmart Pro gives you the convenience of accessing a bottle opener without carrying extra weight. What’s more, it can fit up to 10 keys.
  • 2 years warranty: if the KeySmart Pro breaks due to normal wear and tear in the first two years, most distributers will replace it for you.
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Looking at how frequent we lose our keys and how we find it hard to locate them, it’s time we use a product that enables us to track them easily. We have to accept that the future of keys is here with the KeySmart Pro with Tile. Besides, you can also use the simple device to find your lost phone among more other benefits.


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