10 Steps To Fix Your Existing E-Commerce Website Template

Your website template was fine when you started and still looks fine. However, you are having some problems with the website and you want to find ways to fix the problem without having to replace your web template and start the design process from scratch.

Don’t worry!

Not all problems need the extreme step of redesigning your e-commerce store using a new template. Explore the areas where you are having problems. Most of these may not be related to your web template at all.


Keep your Existing Ecommerce Template and Fix Problems

You need to identify the problems with your current website. Sometimes there might be some backend issues. For instance, you may have to run maintenance on your server, database etc. Even if you are using a cloud-based e-commerce platform, do not worry. You can contact the support team of your e-commerce platform service like Shopify and explain your problem to them and they will fix it for you.

In case your e-commerce web templates are designed for the purpose of selling, it might have many features you may not even be aware of.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

Slow Load Time

You might encounter issues with your website long after it has been launched. You may be using a lot of videos and animations that may start loading when the page loads.

The Web is a rich media but use them lightly and wisely. Review your website and eliminate too many images and videos. Avoid auto load videos. Let the visitor see the page, read and find the information they need.

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You want to Prominently Display Many Offers and Sales

You may have many discount offers and sales in specific categories going on and these may change frequently.

You can go to your dashboard and edit various aspects of your web theme. In the header section, the slider will have the option to include more images. You can add different images you have designed for different offers and sales.

Your Color and Font Theme have Changed

You may have hired a professional designer to create a logo and related designs for you. The colors of your letterheads, cards, promotional material etc. are now based on your logo colors and you want your website to reflect this. You can edit your HTML and CSS files by yourself if you know to edit. However, website templates are designed to make life easy for users.


Go to your Website dashboard again and edit your theme colors, fonts, layouts and text attributes. Edit background colors, for your header, footer, body or other sections. Make alterations to the text colors and the main fonts. All these will instantly reflect on your website.

Enable Search Feature in Your Template

Maybe you started out with just a few products on a test run. Now you have expanded your stock and added more categories. Your Website template may have a good search option. Enable it and see if it allows a dropdown of categories so that customers can narrow down searches by different categories.

Enable Sidebar Product Filters by Tags

Your template most probably has sidebar features. If you have kept simple design so far without any sidebars, you may now need to make use of this feature. As your inventory grows, you need to allow your customers to narrow down their searches.

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For instance, if they are searching for shirts, your sidebar may display filters by colors, materials sizes, patterns and so on. For this, you need to enable filter by product tags. You may need to tweak your CSS files and add code snippets for this to work properly. You can call your e-commerce solution provider for help.

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Most of the people have begun to use their smart-phones as computers. They browse the net, update social media sites, use media streaming on the phones and also do online shopping.

If you want to succeed in this scenario, your website needs to translate well to the web and mobile platforms. Most e-commerce web templates come with this built-in capability. They can detect whether the user platform, detect the size of the device they are using and adjust the website display accordingly. This gives a seamless experience for the user across all your sales channels. However, in some templates, this feature may need to be explicitly enabled. Go to the template section in your dashboard. Go to settings and look for this feature and enable it if needed.

Most e-commerce templates have many features. If your business is growing strong, hire a good design and development team to set up your website. If the e-commerce websites template that you are using has all the important features, they will be able to retain it and give you a good and functional e-store that makes optimal utilization of all the features included in the theme.

Harinder Kaur has completed her M.tech in Computer Sc. & engg. from Kurukshetra University. She has done research on Mobile ad hoc networks as project fellow at SMVD university. She is currently working on her new startup dealorcoupons.com

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