10 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 In 2018

Top 10 Registry Cleaner Software For Windows

Whenever the performance of our computer lags or it starts behaving strangely, some thoughts that instantly strikes our mind are that it is infected with a malware or it is clogged with unnecessary applications and data or the RAM is not adequate to handle the process.

Yes, all these things result in a sluggish PC but there is one other thing that often gets unnoticed, i.e. errors in Windows registry.

Yes, guys if Windows registry is filled with unnecessary or unneeded entries then it may hamper the efficient running of your PC. Not only does it concern individuals, but even more so is for business enterprises. Just imagine how drastically such malfunction might affect, say, the operations of a healthcare software development company.

10 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 In 2018

Therefore, in this article, we have summed up Top 10 registry cleaner software for the window. But before getting started let’s understand that what Windows registry is?

What is Windows registry?

Windows registry is the repository that contains all the settings, information of the software, programs installed in the system along with the hardware attached to it.

This means any operation that you perform on your system i.e. whether your install a program or remove a file all this information will be automatically stored in the Windows registry.

But the problem is that whenever a program is removed or uninstalled its entry remains there in the Window registry resulting in unnecessary clogging. Now with the passage of time, many such invalid registries entries keep on piling making your system slow.

Also, Windows does not have any inbuilt mechanism to clean these outdated and unneeded registry entries.

Moreover, the manual cleaning of invalid registries is not at all possible as removal of one entry can cause complete system breakdown.

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Therefore, to handle all such problems we need a registry cleaner software for Windows.

RegClean Pro:

RegClean Pro is one of the best registry cleaner software for Windows developed by Systweak. The software first scans your complete system for the registry errors and then fix them in a single click.

The easy to use interface of RegClean Pro makes cleaning of registry errors simple even for the novice users. Moreover, the software not only cleans the invalid registries but also defrags the Windows registry that gets fragmented with the time.

So, whether you are on the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 or still on Windows XP you can use RegClean Pro as the software is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and XP.

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Wise Registry Cleaner:

Wise Registry Cleaner fixes all the registry problems that lead to a sluggish PC. The tool not only removes the outdated and obsolete registries but also defrag the fragmented registry. Other salient features of Wise Registry Cleaner are backup and restore, automatic scheduling and customizable options for cleaning.


Another registry cleaner that makes its entry in our list of top 10 registry cleaner software for Windows is CCleaner. A product developed by Piriform quickly scans and removes all the outdated and invalid registry entries from your system.

This easy to use tool create a complete backup of your Windows registry so that in case something goes wrong it can be easily reversed back.

Compatible with all the leading versions of Windows makes it a perfect registry cleaning software for Windows.

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Registry Reviver:

Registry Reviver is one of the most trusted registry cleaning software developed by ReviverSoft. The tool quickly scans your system for all the possible registry errors and then fixes them.

Its simple user interface makes the fixing of registry errors an ease. Moreover, for precautionary measures, it automatically backup your entire registry before fixing them.

The software also promises to minimize the startup time of PC along with minimizing the PC crashes that occurs due to registry errors.


RegistryCleanerKit, a software developed by Uniblue doesn’t require much introduction. Like other registry cleaners the software also first lists all the registry errors present in the system and then provides an option to clean them all.

The software promises to restore system stability by fixing all registry issues.

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If you are looking for a free registry cleaner software then you can go with JetClean, a product developed by BlueSprig. The software is a light-weight tool that uses minimum system resources.

Also, apart from fixing the registry errors, the product helps you to regain hard disk space by removing the junk and temporary files.

Registry Tuner:

Registry Tuner developed by Lavasoft is a registry cleaner that scans more than 16 areas of Windows registry to fix the invalid registries.

The software makes the overall process of registry cleaning simpler and gives you a detailed report of all the detected registry errors. The add-on feature of this software is that it cleans the junks and temporary files of your system that may slow your computer.

Before making the purchase, you can use a trial version of the software that is valid for 30 days.

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Comodo PC TuneUp:

Comodo PC TuneUp not only fixes the registry errors of your system but also cleans the junk that is accumulated by temporary files or log files.

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The software also optimizes the boot time of your PC by disabling the unnecessary program running at startup along with the defragmenting of the registry. All these features make Comodo PC TuneUp an effective registry cleaner software for Windows.

Registry First Aid:

Whether you are a novice or advance user Registry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software is the choice for both.

The scan engine of the product is really quick that brings up all the registry errors in no time, and once detected you can easily clean them. Like other registry cleaning software this product also backup the registry before fixing them.

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Advanced Registry Doctor:

Advanced Registry Doctor PRO is another registry cleaner that scans and fixes all the possible registry errors that are slowing down your PC.

The product backup the registry before making any change to it so that in case something goes wrong the registry can be easily backed up.

Moreover, you can schedule the cleaning of your registry as per your requirement. This multilingual tool comes with Pro and Lite version depending on their functionalities.

So, guys, these are the top 10 registry cleaner software for windows that will help you to fix all the registry errors of your PC and boost its performance.

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