Secrets About Dark Side Of The Internet That Nobody Will Tell You

Internet has become a part of our day-to-day lives.

With a vast array of information and data available on the internet, life without it seems unimaginable. To give you a rough estimate about the size of internet, there are over a million websites currently active on the regular internet. It could take a lot of time just to visit every web-page.

However, the part of internet you can access constitutes of about 4% of the total internet. What you don’t see on the internet or things that are hidden beneath the regular internet comprises of the rest 96%.

This part of the web is known as the dark side of the internet, or simply as, the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web?

The total internet network is roughly divided into three parts – the regular internet we use and can access, an unusual extension of the internet known as the deep web which is hidden from the outside world and a smaller darker area in the deep web called the Dark web.

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This area is nicknamed the dark side of the internet because of the presence of a number of illegal and dangerous content. This is one of the reasons why the dark web is not easily accessible by people using normal web browsers. You would require special software or dark web browsers to access this part of the internet.

Is surfing the Dark Side of the Internet illegal?

One of the biggest reasons why the governments doesn’t want you to know about the Dark web is because it is full of unregulated, unlicensed stuff such as weapon exchanges, drug trafficking, and child pornography.

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Besides, you can also hire kidnappers, professional hackers, criminals, match-fixers and thieves in the dark side of the Internet.

While government is doing as much as it can to restrict people from knowing about it, at present, there is no law forbidding people from accessing the dark web unless they are taking part in any criminal stuff.

How to access this dark web?

You simply cannot access the dark web using your normal web browsers. For one to need to access the dark web, you will require to install a special web browser on your device named the Tor Browser.



It is available as a free download on the internet. You can access the dark web via this browser as it hides your identity on the dark side of the internet and ensures your anonymity.

The number of features in the Tor Browser also protects you from a number of scams, viruses and malicious software available on the dark web.

You can search for any link you want to visit after downloading and installing Tor Browser. However, you will have to keep in mind that Tor Browser won’t provide you with the actual links, so you will have to search for those links beforehand in a number of hidden wiki directories.

Just copy paste the link in the Tor Browser to take you to the webpages you want to visit.

Dos and Don’ts for surfing the Dark Side of the Internet

The Dark web is not a safer environment when compared to your regular internet space. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep a caution on links and stuff that you click. You need to exercise caution while you are on the dark side of the internet. Just keep the following suggestions in mind.

  • Do not click on suspicious links – You will encounter a number of links on the Dark web and you should avoid clicking on them as they could be full of viruses or malware that can steal your personal information.
  • Never give out your credit card details – Even if you end up purchasing anything on the dark web, always remember to not provide your card details anywhere as this information and be stolen and misused against your wishes.
  • Don’t associate yourself with criminals and related activities The dark web is home to some of the most illicit activities on the internet. While accessing the dark web is not a crime, associating oneself with them is one for sure.
  • Always use directories – Before opening any links from the hidden wiki platform, always ensure that the directories you use are verified and are marked safe to access. Opening links from unverified directories can make you prone to malwares.
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The Last Words

The dark side of the internet is a place that you need to access with caution because of the presence of a lot of illicit content. You can use a TOR browser to access the dark web but be always careful of accessing links on the web because it may turn out to be harmful for you. Always keep the above risks in mind before accessing the dark web.

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