How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox 1

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox 2

A browser helps us to access various websites and resources on the internet. Browsers should be maintained and upgraded to ensure a smooth, hassle-free surfing experience.

When a website is accessed through a browser, many activities are performed behind the scenes.

A major performer in backend activities is a cookie. Cookies are used as a messenger between browser and website to communicate.

When we access a website, many cookies are stored in the browser. The storage of cookies can affect the efficiency of browser and slow down your computer.

This article will aid you while handling cookies of your browser.

Disabling Cookies –

Slow, buggy running browser raise a common question, “Should I disable cookies in my browser?” Disabling cookies in a browser will not help you to get rid of advertisers.

Flash cookies will still haunt you and your browser while surfing the internet.

An option of disabling flash cookies is not available in the browser. Most of the websites on the internet use flash cookies to track their users. An advertiser can track a user using private mode of a browser.

Still, a user can get rid of advertisers by disabling third-party cookies in the browser.

You can set your browser to accept first-party cookies and access every website. This way will also ensure the privacy of a user is maintained.

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a) Google Chrome

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox 4

How to disable cookies in Google Chrome?

Follow these steps:

1) Click on Customize and control option on the right corner of a browser window

2) Search and select Settings in the drop-down menu

3) Click on advanced settings on the bottom of the window

4) Under the privacy section, click on content setting

5) Under cookies option, select Block sites from setting any data to disable them

6) Click on done

b) Firefox

How do you disable cookies in Firefox?

Follow these steps:

1) Click on Open Menu on the right corner of browser and select options

2) Click on Privacy tab at the top of a new window

3) In the history section, select customize settings of history

4) Click on accept cookies checkbox from website option

This way you can disable cookies in Firefox

Facebook cookies –

Social media promotes a lot of nasty and viral media on the internet. This media promotion involves browser’s cookie.

Cookies carry browsing information which has recently visited websites. These websites could be E-commerce enterprises promoting their business online.

Social media websites like Facebook are a great platform for business promotion which can fill your browser with filth.

Facebook utilizes your browser cookies to promote a specific product on their website.

The product information is shared through browser’s cookie between E-commerce website, and Facebook.

Facebook cookies can find the location and promote pages, people, and product to its user. Facebook cookies are active even after a user logs out.

Facebook cookies can annoy any user and raise a thought “How can I block Facebook cookies?

A user can block cookies in Chrome and Firefox.

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a) How to block Facebook cookies in Google Chrome 

1) On the right-hand corner of the browser, click on the icon and select settings

2) Search for privacy and security on the new window

3) Under privacy and security, search for content settings

4) Under content settings, click on cookies
A new window appears to customize cookies

5) Click on the block and enter ‘’ in website bar

Facebook cookies won’t appear again

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b) How to block Facebook cookies in Mozilla Firefox

An annoyed Firefox user will have “How can I block Facebook cookies in Firefox” query. Follow these steps to block Facebook cookies

1) On the right-hand corner of browser, click on menu

2) Select privacy option in the new window

3) Search for history and select exception option on the right-hand side

4) In the address bar, enter and click on block

5) Click on save changes button

This way a user can block Facebook cookies

Disable Javascript –

Why do some people disable Javascript in their browser? Javascript is a web technology which is prone to XSS attacks. Javascript encourages phishing attacks which could easily fool a normal user to share personal details over a fake webpage.

Disabling Javascript also improves your browser’s efficiency by improving web standards.

The disabled javascript also blocks annoying and irrelevant ads to pop up. Many users have a minimal knowledge of Javascript, and it is found to be disabled by default in the browser.

How to clear cookies –

One of the questions which are asked by many people is how to clear cookies or how to clear cookies for a site. A user can either block cookies or delete cookies in a browser.

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If a user wants to clear cookies for a specific website, then follow these methods depending on the browser

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox 4

a) Removing cookies in Google Chrome

1) Open your Google Chrome settings and search for advanced options

2) Click on advanced options and search for privacy

3) Click on privacy and select Content settings button.

4) A panel opens up with cookies setting

5) Click on clear all the cookies option

This way a user can erase cookies in browser

How To Delete Cookies In Chrome & Mozilla Firefox 8

b) Removing cookies in Mozilla Firefox

A user who has a query “How to get rid of cookies in Firefox?” will be amused by this method

1) Click on the menu item option in the browser

2) Select Privacy in the new window

3) Under history, select remove individual cookies

4) This opens a panel which gives you an option to delete specific set of cookies or all cookies

5) Select All cookies option

6) Click on Done

This is the way to delete cookies in a browser.

Conclusion: Many people think cookies can spy on a user’s activities and break the firewall security.

Many myths have blindfolded people and raised misconceptions about privacy and security.

Cookies can track your location and share recent browsing information, but they don’t leak passwords and personal information.

Clearing cookies in the browser can delete recent browsing history of a user.

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