How to Create Friends Groups on Apple Watch

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When Apple had launched Apple Watch, initially, one could only add twelve people to their list of Favorites. In today’s world, we have thousands of ‘friends’ on social sites, and might even have a real-life circle of friends way larger than just twelve people. This, Apple Watch back then seemed to offer extremely limited options. But not anymore! With the launch of OS 2, and thereafter with subsequent versions, one has the option of editing and creating groups, i.e., Multiple Friend Groups on Apple Watch. Although, it might be noted that each group still can have only twelve friends. So, the newer option for Apple Watch users is simply this –

Create multiple Friends Groups, with each group having twelve friends. This comes with the additional option of editing, removing and shifting friends from one group to another, keeping the whole group dynamics fluid and flexible.

How to add friends on Apple Watch

A frequent stumbling block question for new Apple Watch users is “I got my Watch alright! But now, how do I add friends on Apple Watch activity? If you just got a new Apple Watch, then you may look at the Friend section and say, “Wait! How come my Apple Watch doesn’t have friends?”

That’s because it’s a brand new and un-synced Apple Watch! Unless another Apple Watch user sends you something or you manually sync your Watch with your iPhone, you will see no friends on Apple Watch. Only after that can we start sharing activity from our phone and compete with friends on Apple Watch.

When we link our Apple Watch to our iPhone, the device automatically syncs and updates our favorite contacts on the Watch. However, it syncs the first twelve favorite contacts.

We can see and access these contacts on our Apple Watch via the Friends screen on the Watch.

This Friends Screen, in turn, can be accessed by pressing the button present on the side of the Watch, just below its Digital Crown. The Digital Crown can be used to scroll through the Friends group and check out the specific contacts. However, as already mentioned, this is limited to only twelve friends.

But if you want to manually set up your Apple Watch contact list, or even have more than just twelve friends on your Watch, you will have to tweak a few things. AKA, create multiple Friends Groups.

However, be it manually adding a contact or creating multiple groups, for both these functions, you’ll have to use your iPhone.

The Procedure

Firstly, you will need to install the Watch App from Apple Store.

Create Friend Groups on your Apple Watch

Tap open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, go to My Watch, and then scroll down to Friends.


You’ll find the standard Friend circle there. Now you’ll just have to create a new group.

Swipe left to create a new Friends Group. Now add new friends to this group manually.

On top of your screen, you’ll find a text field. This is how you label your new group. Enter the label you would like to assign to that new group. E.g., Office, Family Friends, Saturday Group, etc.

Create Friend Groups on your Apple Watch

Now you have got more than one and customized Friends Group.

These additional Friends groups will now get displayed on your Friends Screen and also sync over to the Friends section on your Apple Watch accordingly. This sync is an almost instantaneous process and totally automatic.

To further tweak around these groups and its members, you need to simply drag and drop a friend’s avatar from one group to another. You could access the Friends Screen on your iPhone too, and use the Edit option to add, remove, shift contacts from each of these groups.

Now you can keep accessing the Friends screen on your Apple Watch by pressing the button on the left side of the Watch just below the Digital Crown. After that, just rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through each group and to access individual friends.

Now you can easily share your activity with your Apple Watch.

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