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5 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Brand in 2020

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Building your brand in 2018 and beyond looks a little different than it did in previous years. Since the advent of social media and influencer marketing, most consumers are getting pretty bored with traditional advertising. There are still some opportunities out there that line up with old methods, but to really get noticed today, you’ve got to get creative. Below are five advertising methods you might not want to consider.

Livestream on Social Media

Over the past couple of years, online video marketing has taken the business world by storm, and the next evolution of video advertising is live-streaming. This isn’t just for hipsters and YouTube kids anymore. Today’s consumers want to connect with the companies they purchase from, and live videos are a great way to do that.

5 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Brand

Put Ads on Your Roof

This might still be a bit old-school, but rooftop advertising still has its place on this list. It’s important to make sure that your roof is in good condition and you have it inspected by a company such as Golden Spike Roofing. Rooftop ads can be done in traditional ways, such as billboards and digital signs, but they can also be done with a twist. Instead of targeting viewers on the ground or in the building across from yours, you can also air ads straight up into the sky. Depending on your area, you could get a lot of attention from passenger airliners, helicopter tours and consumer drone flybys.

Create Mini-Documentaries

Personal branding is a great way for business leaders to connect with their company’s customer base, and many CEOs are ahead of the curve in this area. They’re producing weekly or daily videos that document different aspects of their business, and their base is loving it.

Get Involved in Community Improvements

You could also ask local property owners to let you sponsor murals on their old properties in urban areas, particularly those hit hard by graffiti. Hire local street artists to beautify old buildings in your area, with subtle branding messages included.

Sponsor City Tourism Maps and Entertainment Books

If your business is related to the local tourism industry, you could also sponsor city maps for sightseers. Coupon books are another great way to push your brand out in front of consumers. You can create your own or join in with other businesses too.

There are all kinds of ways to be creative with your advertising campaigns. No matter what your advertising budget looks like, there are countless options that you’ve probably never even considered. The key is to create a connection with your audience without always pushing for the hard sell.

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