10 Best Tech Products in Cars You Should Use While Driving

Have you ever driven your car on the open road, windows rolled down, and nature running at your side? The feeling is exhilarating and extremely freeing! Seen from this point of view, driving is definitely a fun activity, but when you are in a crowded city, it can get stressful.

Being stuck in traffic or just simply trying to get to a meeting in time when everyone seems to want to trample you, gets the worst in us. So, to avoid getting annoyed or bored while you’re driving, I made a list of ten cool gadgets that new technologies made possible. These will keep you busy and entertained in many situations, not to mention, some may help improve your driving.

#1: Bluetooth Car Kit

The Bluetooth technology is not a novelty anymore and many modern cars integrate it into their standard features. However, if yours doesn’t have it, it’s best to get one if you want to make or receive calls while driving. A great example is the iClever Himbox HB01 as this device is easy to install and gives control over music, calls, and search engines (with voice search). Still, you need an aux-in port to install it, and if you don’t have it, you can always use a full-speaker like Jabra Freeway.

#2: Dash Cam

The dash cam has two important roles in your car. First, it takes amazing footage of your trips and you can brag to your friends about it, and second, it can be used to establish the guilty side if you ever get in an accident. We recommend one that is easy to install and shoots HD videos, and some modern devices even switch on and off with the car’s engine.

#3: Audio Gadgets

The car’s radio system is usually rigged to tap in some of the most popular stations in the area you’re driving through, but a gadget like the Griffin iTrip with the Aha app gives you the possibility to enrich your audio experience with over 30,000 radio stations. The sound is connected to your car’s speaker system so you’ll get to enjoy a really nice musical experience.

Even more, the app can be configured to give you information on local points of interest or the weather.

#4: Portable Jump Starter Kit

If you ever got stranded somewhere on the road without battery and no one to give you a jump start, you understand why this is a must-have. This device is basically a battery source that can be used as a boost when the one on your car dies.

#5: Backup Camera

If you struggle with parking or going in reverse, this gadget will be a lifesaver! This device has three main components: the license-plate frame, an adapter, and the magnetic mount for your phone (to stick it on your dashboard). The license plate frame has two HD cameras which transmit to the adapter (plugged into your OBD port). The adapter streams footage to your phone and transforms it into a backup camera so you can see around your car when moving in reverse. To learn more about this cool gadget, you can check this review.

#6: Private Plate Numbers

This is more of a vanity feature than a gadget, but it makes driving a lot more fun. Private number plates allow you to add personality to the car and enjoy it when people turn their heads in admiration to your creative genius. It’s also a great way to promote your business or personal brand.

#7: USB Car Charger

Yes, it’s not much of a gadget, but without one in the car, most of your systems won’t work as they use your smartphone to communicate data and music. So, if your phone is dead or dying, the Bluetooth Kit will be useless and so will be your backup camera and many other cool gadgets.

#8: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Source – Pexels.com

The device has four sensors (one on each tire) and the monitoring display goes in your cigarette lighter. You’ll be notified of the temperature and pressure in tires so you’ll know something is wrong before it’s too late to do something about it.

#9: Automatic Car Adapter

This is a small device that goes in your OBD-II port and talks with your car, gathering data about your type of driving, eventual errors and it can perform diagnostics for problems that activate the check engine light. The device talks with an app on your phone and, in many cases, it is accurate.

#10: GPS System

Yes, the phone can do this just as well, but doesn’t it look like we base our driving experience on the phone too much? An independent GPS system will still work if your battery dies or the phone loses signal so it is a good idea to add it to your car.

Which one do you think is the most important Tech Product to have in the car? Write down your comments below.

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