Top 9 Hacks to Secure Your Admin Panel in Magento

When we talk about internet business stage, Magento web development is one of the popular names in the similar stream. As a matter of fact, more than 22% of the most prestigious and popular e-commerce websites are built under Magento enterprise development. When it comes to delivering the secure and genuine build-up, Magento offers end to end solution for e-commerce sites. But there are many cases where Admin Panel is hacked by other panel in Magento. And before you lose your precious data and credibility of the site, you must follow some tips and hacks that will help you with a secure platform.


As a matter of fact, following such hacks will boost the authenticity of your platform and hence, you will have more number of potential customers on your site. Most of the customers also feel deadlocked when they have to enter their account details in order to realize online transaction. And if you help them to build trust on your site and platform, the security of your page will be appreciated by the end users as well.

Because we are talking about fund transfer here and without credible performance secure patches, users might just switch their preference to other sites. If you are wondering how to simplify your platform with secure channels, all you have to do is follow simple footsteps.

In order to achieve the highest secure value, keep the following hacks in mind and you will never face such an issue again:

1. Keep your Username and Password tricky: One should pick a complex username and password which must include different type of characters, upper case, lowers and some digits and symbols. And yes, make sure that your password in minimum eight characters long.

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2. Try to ignore same passwords: It is significant to use diverse passwords as it will help in isolating the records at the back end. Whatever Magento password you use, try not to use the same on any external source.

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3. Do not save your passwords: When you login with your username, the browser does ask you, “Whether you want to save the password”. But always click on NEVER. The functionality like browse password saving is a variation which is typically weak. And thus, do not store any of your passwords in your system.

4. SSL/HTTPS connections: do you know the difference between URLS: HTTP and HTTPS? Well, HTTP is not encrypted but HTTPS uses secure sockets layers and unable every third party site to acknowledge password management services. SSL, on the other hand, helps in protecting your details regarding online transactions with your customers and buyers. Also, requesting for such a connection will help in increasing credibility of your site as well. And if you are not sure how to get HTTPS connection, follow the bullet points:

  • Go to Admin Panel>System> configuration>General> Web>Secure.
  • Under this category, just change the base_url from http to https
  • You can enable the URLS using secure URLS in admin well as frontend

5. Switch to custom URL: The skilled and professional programmers think that with default admin URL, the procedure of predicting username and password is a simpler and risky procedure. In such a case, one can change the default admin to custom URL as it becomes difficult for hackers to break that password. In order to do the same, follow the points:

Go to admin>stores>configuration>advanced>admin


6. Security patches by Magento: With the help of magento technical support, you can realize the procedure of actualizing the security patches. Once the developer has fixed a store, it is easier to test the establishment by consuming administrators which are available for free. Some of The best to do the same is through the following:

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XML XXE van 2012


7. Back-Up: It is important to develop back up strategy for your site as it helps in adding another layer of security to your e-commerce platform. It is highly recommended that you must back up all your files on an entirely different server which is not hosting your magento website.


8. 2F authentication: You must set up your security of admin with 2F authentication as it is based on Google authentication application. Under this procedure, admin needs to scan the QR code and need to enter the verification code along with password and user name. Only then, the user is allowed to access magento admin panel.

9. Use the updated version: It is highly recommended that users must update the latest version of Magento as soon as it is released. Why so, if you ask? Well, every new version comes with new security patches that help in relative solution of latest attacks and hacks. Once the security patches are applied on the site, your site is highly secured. So always keep yourself informed about the latest versions in order to avoid any cracking of your site.

So now when you know the hack rules to secure your admin panel, you must try your work on the same from today itself. But make sure that whatever upgrades you select, do ot hare with other developers or even save it to your serves or browser. That way, you will be saved from lot of troubles and potential hacks that might destroy the credibility of your site.

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Some of the merchandisers inquire about the significance of such tips and pointers on security: well the answer is quite simple! If you want to upgrade your e-commerce site with authentic remarks and values, you must keep your site secured all the time.

As a matter of fact, when the site is highly secures, it receives better market ranking from Google which improves the credibility of your brand.

Do you want your users to lose their passwords and secure pin while they perform online transaction on your site?

Of course not! So follow the mentioned hacks in order to provide a secure measurement and experience for the end users.

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Ronak Meghani is a co-founder of Magento IT Solution Pvt Ltd, an eCommerce Development Company in USA & India

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