How To Install WordPress On XAMPP Localhost (With Steps)

Installing XAMPP and WordPress may not seem an easy task to accomplish but if you do it once it will certainly clear your roads for developing a desired professional website. This guide will provide you with all the Essential steps for the installation of WordPress on XAMPP. But firstly We’re going to define XAMP for you.


What is XAMPP ?

XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform(X),Apache(A),MySQL(M),PHP(P) and Perl(P). XAMPP is an open source web server package which is developed by Apache Friends. XAMPP is a totally free web server which consists of Apache http server,MariaDB and interpreters for script written in PHP and Perl. XAMPP is an open source which means that it runs equally well on all O.S. XAMPP makes the transition from a local sever to a live server a lot convenient as most of the actual web servers use the same components as XAMPP.

Now we are going to share the steps invoke in Installation of WordPress on XAMPP.

STEP 1 :-  Installation of XAMPP

Download XAMPP from the Apache Friends Website. The file will be around 110 MB. After downloading the XAMPP file you will need to install it.

Similar to many other files installation of XAMPP will also give you certain software or virus warnings, But don’t worry just Click the ‘Yes’ button and continue the installation process.
After installation a XAMPP homepage local host will appear which will guide you towards the XAMPP setup (Just click the ‘next ‘ button). In the next page you will have to select the components of your software. Essential components such as Apache,Php and Perl will be installed automatically so you won’t be able to select them
Since you want to run WordPress on your local host URL XAMPP you need to select components such as MYSQL and phpMyadmin while you can leave the other components unselected.
After all this You need to select the folder where you want to install the XAMPP file (XAMPP physics folder). Select the folder “C:\Program Files\XAMPP”.
In the next window you will be asked weather Bitnami for XAMPP. Since in this guide we are installing WordPress separately just Click on ‘learn more’ and move ahead.
After going through this lengthy process your XAMPP localhost is ready to install. After installation you will be asked about control panel so just Click on the box and select the button ‘Finish’. The control panel will open with black and blue update at the bottom; this means that XAMPP is ready to run.

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Step 2 :- Run XAMPP

-Start up both Apache and MySQL to check whether they are running fine.
Then you need to install your localhost server on XAMPP by going through http://localhost in your device.
After installing it you need to perform the third step

Step 3:- MySQL database Setup

-Before going towards our fourth and most important step you need to set up your MySQL database. To do so click the ‘Admin’ button in MySQL section of your XAMPP control panel. After doing so a new window will automatically appear in which you just have to click ‘Databases’ present on the top left corner of the window. After clicking this button you’ll be able to create your own database. Name the database whatever you want to call it and select the create button. After all this You can close the window.

STEP 4 :-Downloading WordPress and Installing It

-You can download the latest version of WordPress by going through your usual process.
In order to Link WordPress with your XAMPP localhost you need to unzip the zipped WordPress towards the correct folder. For doing so go to the XAMPP folder in your Device and open the XAMPP htdocs folder we created earlier in this tutorial i.e C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs. You’ll find WordPress folder there. Unzip WordPress into its own folder and rename it according to your need. Now open This renamed folder and find wp-config-sample.php. After searching it rename it into wp-config.php. Open this File and look for the following lines

You need to make the following changes here 
– Replace “database_name_here” with the name of your database.
-Replace “username_here” with “root”
-leave “password_here” totally blank.
After making the above changes you can save the file and close it.
Now your WordPress is totally ready to launch. Install WordPress by your regular procedure
After installing WordPress you can use all the various paid or unpaid themes and plugins to make a well managed professional website. As we mentioned earlier that installation of WordPress on XAMPP is a lengthy process but it I can help your website to a large extent .

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Using WordPress with XAMPP automatically enables a lot of security options which will obviously prevent the privacy of your WordPress website.

This tutorial of installation of WordPress on XAMPP has covered all points from XAMPP localhost path to the XAMPP htdocs folder and we hope that this guide has helped you to a certain extent.

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