10 Best Website A/B Testing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Ideas and opinions can be different when deciding which format, font, or color variation to choose for your website. In such situations, the best way to solve these problems is through Website A/B Testing Tools. You can’t argue about whether your action button should be red or blue if you know that blue button is 20% more likely to be clicked by an individual. Or the position of adwords on your blog if you know the most preferred one by clients.

When you are not sure how to evaluate elements for your website, the solution you are looking for is A/B testing.

A/B Testing Tools Results Comparison

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A/B testing, also known as Split Testing, shows two versions of the same element or content against each other to determine which one is better in terms of the predetermined goals. These goals can be tailored according to one’s requirements. This gives you quantifiable and practical data on your users; which helps in making informed decisions.

So without further delay, let’s see what are our most recommended A/B testing tools.

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  1. Optimizely

Optimizely is a prodigious tool for starters; while also comprising the features for its advanced users. It provides you a visual editor to evaluate different ideas and track various performance indicators. These performance indicators vary from clicks and conversions to revenue and views. The beginner’s package contains the basic essential features, while the advanced packages are priced as per the number of viewers.

Overall, Optimizely is the best A/B testing tool if you are just getting started considering its price and features.

  1. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a set of digital marketing solution by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Some of its distinctive features include Multivariate Testing, deep customized testing, and device optimization. It doesn’t require any coding and offers geolocation targeting of customers. It can also be combined with Adobe Analytics for a better understanding and evaluation of the data.

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Altogether, we can say that Adobe Target is a great A/B testing tool for advanced and experienced users.

  1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a largely used A/B testing tool that emphasizes on separating viewers through funnels to track specific visitors. This helps in increasing conversions and retentions for your website. Google Analytics might be able to tell you what’s happening, but Kissmetrics will tell you who’s doing what. Once you get familiar with the idea, you can start working with different types of reports provided by them.


Segmentation of audience is one of the features which make Kissmetrics one of the best A/B testing tools.

  1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a tool that allows you to create, publish, and test receptive landing pages without using HTML. The interface is fairly simple and easy to use. It gives you the ability to experiment with every aspect of your web page. Once set up with Unbounce, you can build multiple variants for split testing.

Unbounce has collaborated with multiple providers like HubSpot, Aweber, Zoho, and Salesforce which optimizes its conversion process and its ability to assign roles.

  1. Five Second Test

Five Second Test is a unique A/B testing tool that analyzes major elements of your design by observing what an individual can recall about your design in a span of 5 seconds. By using this tool, you can ensure whether your message is being effectively communicated and understood by your audience. It helps you find out what the visitors find most and least distinctive feature of your website.

It also allows some free trials for you to ascertain and analyze the results.

  1. Convert Experiment

Convert Experiment is one of the best A/B testing tools with robust features suited for advanced users. It is a tool mainly for enterprise level clients. Convert goes beyond the basic features, allowing for behavioral testing, geo-targeting audience, deep analysis integration, and control tests.

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Convert isn’t the tool for beginners who are looking to try A/B testing, but for larger enterprises.

  1. A/Bingo

A/Bingo is a testing tool launched as a plugin by the A/B testing framework for Ruby on Rails. It is capable of testing behavioral and display differences by using a single line of code. As A/B tools are defined in codes, there is no need for configuration. It does the setup work by itself and logs in the first participant.

Though it is not many features packed, the only reason why A/Bingo belongs on our list is that it is free to use and allows unlimited testing free of cost.

  1. VWO

This is one of the simplest and easy to use A/B testing tools on the internet, with the ability to change buttons, headlines, images, and many other elements to build multiple variations to test. You can easily get realistic quantitative data on clicks, views, sign-ups, subscription, and revenue.

All in all, VWO is a pleasant option if you want a hassle-free and simple tool for your website.

  1. Google Experiments

Google Experiments is an A/B testing tool by Google Analytics that utilizes the multiple-armed approach of Google. It allows you to send up to 10 versions of the same page to the users for testing each variant. It also gives you the ability to choose what percentage of the audience is to be included in each test.

There are also no redirects in Google and is pretty simple to implement.

  1. Qubit

Qubit is an A/B testing tool focused mostly on personalization. And accordingly, it claims to have strongest segmentation abilities than any other tool. It is strongly focused on granular segmentation of the visitors. Also, the set that covers analytics and testing gives it an advantage over other A/B tools.

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Qubit is an A/B tool worth trying if your clients’ priority is personalization and segmentation.

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