How To Fix Shockwave Player Crashes in Google Chrome

For some reason or other, Google Chrome and Adobe Flash don’t seem to go together at times, and because of this fact, shockwave flash has crashed.

Why does this happen?

Please continue to read on and learn How To Fix Shockwave Player Crashes in Google Chrome.

Why does this situation occur with Google Chrome and Adobe Flash?

The issue happens as a result of one thing. The thing is no other the manner in which Google Chrome handles Flash content. Google Chrome is unlike other browsers in a lot of ways, and one of them is this. Google Chrome doesn’t follow the usual route that other browsers do where the flash installation of the host system is concerned. It has its internal Flash installation. Usually, there won’t be a problem with the interior flash installation. However, Chrome can be subject to getting confused and tries to utilize both the OS installation of Flash and its internal installation of Flash.

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How To Fix Shockwave Player Crashes in Google Chrome 1
How can you recognize if a different Flash installation is behind your Flash Crash?

Shockwave Flash has crashed if a different Flash installation is present. A Flash conflict can indeed be the result of one’s problems associated with a Flash Crash. Flash crashes in Google Chrome can be due to a Flash-related install conflict.

How does one find out if a Flash conflict is indeed the trouble?

fix-shockwave-chromeYou need to do the following steps to determine this. First of all, you need to run Chrome from the address bar and make sure to type about: plugins in address bar itself. Once you press the enter key, you will see a list of plug-ins that have been installed into Chrome itself. You need to review the entire plug-ins list and seek out the Flash entry. If the entry appears to have two files in it or looks like this, Flash (2) Files. It is a good chance that you are experiencing Flash crashes in Google Chrome due to this conflict. Go to the upper right-hand corner of the window of the browser and there you will find a small toggle that is labeled as Details. You should click on this toggle to open up the entries for all of the plugins. Go to the entry marked Flash. There should be two entries for Adobe Flash. The one for Google Internal Chrome will be bolded in red. The other for the OS is right below it.

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How to fix Shockwave Flash Crashes to get them working good again?

shockwave-flash-crashesd-in-chromeYou can fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome by doing these things. Go back to the listed entries for Flash, which are two in number, and click on the Disable link that is available for Google Chrome’s internal installation of Flash. The Flash you should make sure to disable is located in Chrome’s folder called AppData. Close the tab and close Google Chrome. You should then restart Chrome and try to get back to your regular browsing the same as before. You should also make a note to swing by Adobe Flash’s test page to make sure that everything does look good. It isn’t hard to fix Shockwave Flash Crashes. Nonetheless, you do need to check into it first, to try and find the source of trouble. Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome with lots of attention, patience, and determination.

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