How To Recover Data From Hard Disk (For Beginners)

Many people lose their valuable data when their drive is formatted accidentally. If you really have experienced this, Now you need formatted hard drive recovery solution to get them back.

In order to recover Formatted Hard Disk Data by the use of recovery  software & How it works?

After formatting the disk, Operating system erases all data on that disk. But the formatting operation does not erase the data on itself on the disk.  All corrupted  and lost file can be recovered by formatted data recovery software.

File recovery with “Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery”formatted hard drive recovery software

How To Recover Data From Hard Disk (For Beginners) 1

  1. After downloading , install and run this data recovery software.
  2. ‘Select what to recover’ means select the type of data which you want to recover.
  3. ‘Select location’ from where you want to get your data.
  4. The scanning option will be showing the list of file which be under File type.
  5. Click the recover button to retrieve your selected file.
  6. Eventually, select your preferred location to save the file.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery“, this is also another free data recovery software   for recovering the data from formatted and damaged drives.

  • Follow simple steps of that tool to get back file from formatted hard disk drive.


  1. Select ‘Damaged Partition Recovery’ as this has been especially designed to retrieve data from formatted and damaged drives.
  2. Choose the formatted hard drive to have full scan. if we have to get our file back from removable formatted drive, we should connect our computer to it and then refresh the list. We can set particular file system and file type to scan by clicking on setting button to save time.
  3. This data recovery software will find all partition created on hard drive and create at most 10 each time to check data. Now choose the data we want to recover and press ‘Save ‘ button to select storage path.
  4. After the recovery of all files successfully at appointed place. We can see them there.
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 Last but not a least, One more file recovery software for PC is ‘Recovery My File’.

Recovery My File‘ helps to recover all lost files from window recycle bin, file lost due to format or file removed by virus , unexpected shut down  or system failure. Moreover , it is compatible with window 2003, XP, Vista, 7,8, and 10.


  • File recovery anytime – You can try free recovery software for finding all deleted files.
  1. it recovers file after emptying from recycle bin.
  2. it helps to get data from hard drive , camera, USB, Zip, Floppy disk, iPod and other media.
  • it helps in getting back data from crashed hard disk.
  1. File can be recovered after a partitioning error.
  2. it helps in recovering document , photos, music , video and email.
  3. it is quite useful in recovering files after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled windows.

‘Recovery My File’, it is easy and fast, Do not waste  your money and time in the quest of other data recovery software if you get back your data with this software. Interestingly, it does not require any technical and software recovery skills  to get back your file. It is used to perform for the recovery of formatted hard disk data or if you try to recover and save data from floppy disk , zip drive removable media and smart media. it is quite easy disk data recovery software to save and recover file.

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To sum up about file recovery:-

We all have more valuable data and information stored on the storage drive which can be lost at any time. You will not have any idea about how and why you are experiencing this things. After that how you will be able to get these file back to you. At that time , the data recovery software will be the last resort to retrieve file quickly and easily. There are so many free data recovery software which can help us in recovering our most valuable data.

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