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12 Of The Best New Features in Android Oreo

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Don’t know what’s new with Android Oreo? Check out the list of features to be sure if the system is worth experiencing. Don’t lament later when you’ve bought the smartphone.



The next version of Android is much better as it starts rolling out to Pixel and Nexus smartphones. While Google was not keen to present Android Oreo, there are many features you can explore with the major release. Till the end of this year, you would discover the new upgrade as Google is working closely with brands like Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and many others.

Faster Boot Time

As compared to the earlier version, faster boot time is expected with Android O. Believe it or not, the device would boot within 18 seconds that’s obviously less than 50 seconds. Moreover, updates would be installed without a switch off as Google A/B system partition plays its role.

Battery Life

Much to your interest, Android Oreo may resolve the issue of battery drain when the smartphone is unattended. Android Oreo would employ Background Execution Limits for ensuring smooth performance of the apps. A request for location updates a few minutes every hour is also worth with the update. When multiple apps are running, the operating system would limit the load on the processor.

Turn on Wi-Fi automatically

People who don’t have access to Wi-Fi at public places would surely love this feature. You can always turn off Wi-Fi radio and enjoy the experience with everything that behaves as it normally would. This would help you save battery tremendously as the phone won’t waste time in accessing points. Once you return home, the OS would recognize the location and turn on Wi-Fi radio automatically. You can enable the option from ‘Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi >> Wi-Fi Preferences’. In case you have accessed the connection in the past, then you would with the network once you’re around the location.




Redefined File Manager

The new update would revolutionize the way of browsing files. You no longer need to download an additional app from the play store. Though the Files app is not as good as FX File Manager or Solid Explorer, you can perform the basic operations like viewing, opening and deleting files.


Android Vitals

With the aim for better performance and stability, Vitals would be working in the background when the phone runs on Android O. It would serve as a security layer to protect the communication device against worms, unauthorized usage, and viruses. Through a dashboard, you can always stay updated when the app starts behaving differently. Google Play Protect scans the device from time to time and gives you a list of malware apps. This would help you to keep the device out of danger.

Picture -in-Picture (PIP)

While iOS offer PIP on iPhones, some tablets running on Android OS will also have PIP. The feature is great when you are working with a phone boasting a large touchscreen. In case you remember to shoot an E-mail, you can always watch Netflix or a YouTube video in a small window. You no longer need to think about toggling with two different apps.

Notifications Channels

With the help of Notification Channels, apps become capable of creating categories for different messages. For instance, the messages flooded in your Gmail account can be segregated in personal and work accounts. Once you update the app, you can control visibility of every notification posted by the app. With an E-mail account, you can disable the alert or hide notifications whenever it’s required.

Smart Text Selection

Another feature that would rock 2017 is the ‘Smart Text Selection’. This feature would help you select the text smartly. In case you are copying an address, then the OS would provide you the ability to select the text in one tap. It’s somewhat similar to intuitive messages you can choose when you are texting someone on a messaging platform.


New Settings Menu

The visible change you can expect is with the Settings menu. You would observe a dark gray text on a white background. It’s strange to know that Android 8.0 Oreo would not feature a side navigation menu as it was with Android Nougat. The menus would be reorganized to make it easier to access ‘Settings’.


Snooze Notifications

Just like the alarm, you can snooze notifications with Android O. Whenever a message chips in, you can simply swipe it the right and snooze it through the clock icon. This would let the message disappear for a few minutes and make it appear once the time is completed. Besides, you can decide the time span once you change the snooze length.

So, here the features you may find with Android Oreo. If you want to navigate the configuration screen, then you can always use the voice command ‘Ok Google’. This makes things simpler rather than wasting time in seeking the right option.

Hope you enjoy the difference. Do let us know the features you liked most.

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