The Complete Guide to Marketing Your App on YouTube

Have you ever had the phrase that picture have are more powerful communicating tool than the words?

Well, just imagine if images are so potent then how influential would videos be in getting across your message to the audience. It is certain to leave a more lasting impact and intrigue the audience more than an image. That is why you need to include YouTube in your marketing plan.


Beginning its journey in 2005, YouTube has become a powerful tool over the years. So much so that businesses are running solely through YoutTube channels (web series, stand up comedians, singers) to such an extent that YouTube artists have a separate organization that even conduct annual fests.

In fact, not only the industries but governments of different countries are also recognizing it as a significant medium to reach the public and connect with them.

However, marketing on YouTube is not as simple as it seems. Merely creating a promotional app and uploading it on your channel won’t serve the purpose.

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It might not even be viewed by more than 10-15 people for months owing to the fact there are millions of videos in each category on the platform.

Trust me! The power of YouTube is no less than other digital platforms like Google or Facebook.

Thus, you will have to learn the rules of using YouTube as a promotional tool and then utilize it in the best way possible.

Remember the famous lines from the smart brain Albert Einstein, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than anyone else.” Well, you have to follow the same advice while employing YouTube for your mobile app marketing.

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Image result for YouTube is no less than other digital platforms like Google or Facebook.

There are hundreds of apps being created and introduced in the app stores everyday and the developers of all those apps are using different tools and strategies to promote their product.


And, why won’t they?

With so many options available right from creating blogs, sending out emails to paid advertisings and social media platforms, anybody would like to promote with full enthusiasm (especially when most of these tools don’t charge even a penny). Of course, others will create their promotional videos too!

So, what is it that you can do to stand out of the crowd?

Well, YouTube has different features which allow you to make your video reach out to maximum people and be more visible when somebody looks for related keywords in the search box. So, let’s get enlightened with those elements and put them to a beneficial use.

Image result for YouTube has different features

To begin with, you should be aware that there are two types of accounts that can be created on YouTube:

  1. User Channel: They are free to create. Anybody with an internet access can start a user channel.
  2. Partner Channel: These channels must be approved as “YouTube Partner”. If you have a partner channel, you will be entitled to a portion of revenue that will be earned by running ads on your channel’s videos.

Creating Content Strategy

Being a marketer, you must be aware that content is the basic element for promotion on each tool and platform. YouTube is no different when it comes to content. The trickiest and toughest part here is to fathom the video content that you are going to create.

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Do not worry! We have a few recommendations for you to help you figure out few ideas.

Just ask yourself the following questions to get it started:

  1. What kinds of videos are gaining success in your niche? Try watching as many videos as possible to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Why is your app better than your competitors? Create an impressive and believable description for your app.
  3. Can you show some people in video using your app? Ask people around you to download your app as testers and record their responses.
  4. Are there any people whom you can interview and whom your audience will also be interested to watch/listen? If you can get a public figure or celebrity to review your app, there won’t be a better influencer.
  5. Can you teach something to your target audience? Tutorial videos do amazingly well among the YouTube viewers.

Promoting the App

It is quite easy to overlook this simple fact but you should always remember that the video is being created with the prime objective of promoting the mobile application.

Image result for Promoting the App

So, don’t forget to include the following elements in your video.

  1. Create an interesting intro or splash screen along with the app icon.
  2. Mention about your app and its feature, wherever possible.
  3. Include your app’s logo on each screen with watermark effect.
  4. Link your video to other videos and channels to make more people watch it and share it.

Remember! There are a lot of other things about YouTube that you might want to know about as your channel will grow. As for now, adopt these guidelines and get your app promoted in full swings!

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