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How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

If you still don’t know how to make folder on iPhone then keep reading this article where we are going to take you through a step by step guide on how to create new folder on iPhone.

Iphone allows its users to organize the apps on the homescreen, put them in iPhone folders and move them to another screen or page.

Organizing the apps on Iphone

  1. In order to organize the apps you’d need to touch and hold any app till the screen starts to wiggle.
  2. Now, any of the apps can be dragged to another location including the Dock right in the bottom.
  3. Hit the Home button and your new app arrangement will be saved.

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How to put apps in folders to create group apps on iPhone

Creating iOS folders is a very simple process. Putting the applications in App folders would help you organize your apps in a more efficient way. Let us now take a step by step look at how to create a new folder on iphone.

    1. Before making folder you are going to need at least two apps to create a group app on your iphone. So start by figuring out which apps you want to put into the folder.
    2. Just like the previous process you need to tap and hold any of the apps till all the icons start jiggling.
    3. Once the icons are jiggled, you have to tap and drag the chosen app into a folder on a second application. Hold the first app icon on the second one for one or two seconds and your new folders on iphone are ready to use. This would allow you to combine apps in a comprehensive folder.
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How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone 14. By default your phone will try to name the created folder on the basis of the genre of applications you have copied within it. If you wish you can change the name of the iphone folders by just tapping on the text field and then edit as you please.

How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone 35. While you create a folder on iphone, all your apps are still jiggling. If you wish to add further applications to the folder then tap anywhere on the homescreen. If you want to add an application from another screen then swipe over and slowly drag it on to the destination folder.

How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone 56. When you are done creating group iphone apps, tap the Home button and the shaking would stop.

Making iPhone applications organized in a folder would allow you to find the apps much easily. For instance you would find all your games neatly organized within the game folder or all your editing apps within the photo editor folder.

Removing Apps from the folders on Iphone –

For removing any application from a folder follow the steps given below:

  1. Tap and hold the folder from which you want to remove an app
  2. Once they start shaking, release your finger from the screen.
  3. Now tap the folder from which the app will be removed.
  4. Drag the application from the folder and place it on your Home screen.
  5. Now hit the Home button and the new arrangement would be saved.

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