SEO Copywriting 2020 – A Complete Guide For Beginners

SEO copywriting is a bit strange expression in a sense that every internet content needs to be created with Google in mind. That being said, any type of content as well any form of internet copywriting is actually SEO copywriting.

This is something a lot of casual writers do not understand when they first start blogging/copywriting.

There is a big difference between this type of content and for example, academic content. While essay papers are created with professors in mind, oftentimes dull and full of professional lingo, articles made for blogs are created so that everyone can read them.


Always have in mind that SEO copywriting is not creating copywriting.

That commercial intent is something that will always affect your final copy. We also have to consider that this article needs to be well optimized in order to have the potential of ranking among top 10 results in search engines.

If you are a newbie with a basic understanding of writing, this article will help you transition into a proficient internet copywriter.

SEO Copywriting Tips and tricks –

  1. Keywords are the foundation

While any type of article, book, text has a general topic, internet articles are much more focused. This focus is necessary as it allows you to rank well in Google.

When ranking content on the Internet, Google and other search engines rely on keywords. This keyword is the main phrase your content revolves around. But, it is not enough to simply have this particular phrase within the text. It is also necessary to have other words and word formations that are commonly seen with it.

For example, if you’re writing about soccer, it is hard not to mention words such as ball or goal.

This is the main rule of on-page optimization.

Your articles need to pinpoint a particular subject allowing search engines to understand your content and position you accordingly.

  1. Article needs to be commercial

Unlike other types of texts, internet posts need to be commercial and to stimulate further reading.

Although it is great when a person visits your website and read a whole article, you need to make sure that this individual returns again and again and ultimately, visits your product and service pages.

Whenever you create something for your website, it has to have a positive outlook on your products/service. Have in mind that you shouldn’t be spamming; this would be counterproductive as nobody likes to read articles that are forcing you to buy something.

Nevertheless, it needs to a soft pitch.

  1. Think about quality of your content

With all this mentioned you probably think it is really hard to create high-quality content. In the end, your articles have to have certain phrases disturbing the natural flow of the text and you also have to use commercial messages.

The secret behind successful copywriting is being able to implement all these elements into a meaningful whole.

Best way to do it? By finding balance.

It is really easy to place several commercial within a text if it’s really long and if majority of the article is well written.

Have in mind that quality of internet article isn’t the same as a quality of a book. When it comes to books, you need to be stylish, descriptive and to create a vivid atmosphere that will immerse reader in a story.

Internet content is different in that regard.

While books are read by people who wish to be entertained and escape their reality, blog posts are usually created in order to pass information and teach a user. This means that a quality article is an actionable, educational article.

  1. Trends are important

Like everything else in life, articles and content marketing are subjected to trends.

New types of content pop up every now and then and you constantly have to adapt to this change. Usually, these changes are a result of different link building techniques where SEOs try to create something that will provide more links and shares. This makes following trends much more important.

Even though we may be talking about small tweaks, copywriters always needs to stay in the loop.

But have in mind that there is something better than simply following trends and that is creating your own trend and trying to make it a viral success.

  1. Rely on authoritative sources

Copywriters tend to be arrogant and overprotective when it comes to their content. This is especially common after a few years of experience when a person think that they know everything about a topic.

This is a gross exaggeration and you should always rely on other sources. Have in mind that I’m not talking about copying other people’s content. I am talking about staying in the loop and accepting the newest improvement within the industry.

Relying on authoritative sources also means that your information (and thus information that end user reads) will be relevant and reliable.

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