5 Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

“Design is not just the beauty looks like, a design is how it works”; the tremendous thought of “steve jobs”. As we all know that effective design of the website is concluded by the users or visitors of the website not the owners of the website. Apart from designing, the proper functioning of the website is also as much important. The website with poor performance always results in high bounce rates, less conversion rate, low page visits and much more.


Thus, a good website design reflects your business purpose in an effective manner. To polish your website designing skills, here are some tips that you need to follow.
1.    Keep it clear not messy
Nowadays, the visitors becomes more irritated if they experience unwanted ads, banners, pop-ups, buttons, badges and more, sometimes they even get compelled to leave the website early. So you need to give a break to visitors from all these messy things. For this leave some extra white space that helps to highlight the important areas. Keep your website neat, clear and in an organized manner which provides the clear picture to target audiences.

2.    Put Visual hierarchy pattern in use
The visual hierarchy pattern helps you to optimize the important content on the website. For instance, if you add a “subscribe the newsletter” popup and want as many as possible clicks through it. Then, visual hierarchy pattern tells when a user visit, the eyes move top-left corner and move to the right, before going to down end. So, put important aspects on these parts with the visual hierarchy in mind.

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3.    Keep your words quick and easy to read
During designing of website, the type of font, size and color are also as much important. You should use a font that is easily readable by the user as well as use maximum three fonts. The font size should not be too small or too large. Last but not the least, the color of the font must relate to the theme color of the website.

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4.    Is your website mobile friendly?
Nowadays, half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if your website is not compatible with mobile devices then you are missing out a serious number of user traffic. Thus, power up a mobile device and check how your website looks like. Is it easy to navigate? Is it easy to responsive? If yes, then you will discover more and more audience using and interacting with your website.

5.    Do some web design scheme research
Before designing, visit some popular website designing company pages for getting ideas to represent the ideas in a creative manner. Make some mental or actual notes, which will help you to keep in mind the things you need to catch up or not. Ponder up specific points you want to focus your visitor’s attention and implement them on your website.

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Rahul Setia was born and raised in the Kaithal, Haryana. He worked at brands like Jabong, ProProfs etc. He was also in the List of Top 100 Social Media Influencer's 2019 by Status Brew. He lives in Delhi/NCR and is a Digital Gig & Founder of Websites i.e TechBlogCorner.com, ViralMasalla.com, DealorCoupons.com. Follow me on: LinkedIn, @rahulsetia007 and Facebook.

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