10 Best Free Marketing Tools for Affiliates

Lots of people think that Affiliate Marketing is very complex and it literally can be, sometimes. Especially at the time of starting off when you do not have the idea about lots of the things related to affiliate marketing, you might find it difficult to comprehend. However, the things can be made quite easier if the affiliate marketers utilize the different free marketing tools for affiliates online.


There are a number of companies that offer free services entirely or at least offer free trial versions for testing out their services. A list of 10 best free marketing tools for affiliates has been mentioned below:

  1. Google Keyword tool:

The Google keyword tool comes under the category of SEO tools. It is considered to be the granddad of all the keyword affiliate marketing tools. Before you make any business decision related to a keyword you must check it first. Other free affiliate marketing tools included in the category of SEO are Google Webmaster Tool, Portent SERP Preview Tool, etc.

  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator:

This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools that come under the category of content ideas. It is especially known for handling funny headlines that contain a sense of humor in them.

  1. Feedly

It is one of the best ways for developing great content ideas for getting exposed to many of them. Feedly makes the things easier to be used as compared to the other tools.

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  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a number of powerful and useful features. It lets the users find information related to the traffic and about their activities on your web-site.

  1. Followerwonk

It is a free affiliate marketing software and is helpful for managing the users’ twitter account. It can be greatly useful if you want to grow up your followers on twitter as it lets you analyze your followers.

  1. Google’s URL Builder

It is one of the affiliate tools that come under the category of link tracking and creation. It makes it easy to track your advertisements and post on social media.

  1. CB Engine:

You would surely have an idea that how big the Clickbank is. There are a number of products and there is a lot of information that is most of the times hard to be found. The CB engine makes it easy to find this information and is considered to be one the useful affiliate tools. It is a paid tool but you are provided a free trial for seven days.

  1. Clickmeter

It is a free link tracking tool that is also quite useful for the affiliate marketers. It is considered to be one of the most useful affiliate marketing tracking tools.

  1. Spyfu:

It is above board that affiliate marketing is a greatly competitive market. If you comprehend and know about the activities of your competitor, it can be quite advantageous for you. Spyfu lets you have a look on every keyword that is bought by a company on Adwords.

  1. Canva:

Canva is a great tool that lets you make infographics, gift certificates, brochures, etc. you can carry on your affiliate marketing business even if you are not a good designer; however, you can get your stuff designed easily.

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By using the above-mentioned tools, lots of people would get the answer to their question that “how to start affiliate marketing for free?”


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