The Ultimate List of 16 Free Content Creation Tools

Creating content isn’t generally so natural. While different parts of business and marketing are ending up plainly progressively mechanized, content creation is as yet an exceptionally manual occupation. That being stated, there are a lot of tools out there for creating content considerably simpler.

Below, you’ll discover a list of incredible content creation tools to help you research, write, edit, and design content all the more effortlessly.


For researchers

  • Google Drive Research Tool: It enables you to direct Google searches while never leaving your Drive window. You should simply click “Tools” from the menu bar and pick “Research” from the drop down menu.
  • Site: search: Fundamentally, it enables you to do a Google search that is restricted to a specific
  • Google Webmaster Tools: You can check things like the number of file pages on your site, present your site to Google, so you’re getting crawled and ordered, and even repudiate awful inbound connections.
  • Atlas: Atlas is Quartz’s server center, and it’s packed with diagrams, graphs, and information representations. You can look for any subject or keywords, and Atlas will have graphic-based content generator research information for you.
  • Search in a Giphy: With the free Giphy Chrome extension, you’ll have the capacity to discover incredible GIFs similarly as fast. To utilize the tool, you should simply open the extension in Chrome, search, pick a GIF, and drag and drop.

For Writers

  • Evernote: From schedules and research notes to composing whole lumps of articles, it’s demonstrated useful at each progression of the composition and altering process. It’s continually saving and syncing your work consequently, making it a protected place to compose and store thoughts for free.
  • Word2CleanHTML: If you like drafting blog entries in projects like Microsoft Word, Evernote, or Google Drive rather than your content management system, then this basic device can be your closest companion.
  • WordCounter: WordCounter works precisely the way you think it does: in your content and it’ll release precisely how many words you have.
  • ZerysElance: One approach to get around it is by employing freelancers from trustworthy commercial centers like Zerys or Elance. These assets give you access to skilled freelance writers who can compose blog entries, eBooks, whitepapers, and different bits of content generation for you.
  • HTML Hacks for Marketers: HubSpot’s free marketing tool will teach you quick and useful hacks, regardless of the coding knowledge can use in their marketing.
  • Blog Topic Generator: On the off chance that you have to get to composing blog posts yet aren’t sure of an edge or title to get your innovativeness moving, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can take the necessary steps for you. Essentially enter a couple of keywords that your blog concentrates on, and the Blog Topic Generator will deliver free blog content and topic thoughts for you.

For Content Editors

  • Editorial Calendar Template: Making an adjusted editorial calendar can be extreme, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have one brought together a calendar that you and your group can refer to. To spare your time, the editorial calendar made templates for Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and Excel that you can fill in and impart to your group to begin the following month or year.
  • GrammarlyCorrectica: While human editors will have the capacity to get most grammatical mistakes, altering tools like Grammarly and Correctica are awesome tools for triple-checking before you press “publish.” Both free tools check for grammatical errors.
  • Hemingway App: Ernest Hemingway, respected for his compact written work style, is the namesake for this convenient editing application. Simply paste your content into this free web application, and it’ll evaluate your writing and recognize opportunities to make it easier.
  • Headline Analyzer: Making your headline both the first and conceivably the main shot for you to force readers to continue reading – so it’s absolutely justified, despite all the trouble to spend the additional minutes thinking of a better than a good one for free.

For Designers

  • Nimbus Screenshot: Nimbus Screenshot gives you a chance to catch the noticeable part of a web page, a chosen area, a chose scroll, the whole page, or the entire program window. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you can crop, alter, and print or save to your desktop or Google Drive.
  • Canva: In the event that you like making excellent visual content in a truly short measure of time, you’ll adore Canva. Canva offers a vast library of pre-made formats and resources for free.
  • ThingLink: ThingLink gives you a chance to transfer a picture and add little symbols to it that show up when a man drifts their cursor over the picture. These symbols enable clients to visit links, watch videos, or read messages you’ve composed. Besides, it’s easy to share.
  • Skitch: Skitch is a free content application by Evernote that helps you impart all the more visually. It gives you a chance to increase pictures, computerized resources, PDFs, and different records with arrows, callout boxes, content, and all the more in one place.
  • Infogram: While like Canva, Infogram is a visual content tool that spotlights on helping you make infographics, graphs, and information visualization. If you like to make graphs utilizing Microsoft Excel, you’re in good fortune – it additionally offers compatibility with Excel through Infogram Charts as content marketing tools.



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