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5 Simple Steps to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of Website

Domain Authority(DA) is the most prominent metric that indicates your website’s SEO performance. It is important to have a good domain authority score to get a higher rank on search engines. Today, we are going to illustrate how to increase your domain authority through various techniques to outshine your competitors easily.

how to icnrease domain authority - techblogcorner

What Is A Good Domain Authority Score?

Domain authority is a product of Moz. Domain authority score is giving out of 100. You can check your website’s domain authority score from Moz Open Site Explorer. Anything below 50 is not a good score and hence, you need to increase domain authority.  Initially, anything above 50 is considered as a good DA score. You should first target to be within 50-60. Anything above 60 shows you are one of the leaders in your niche. A score above 75 makes a website elite like Facebook, YouTube etc.

Techniques to Increase DA of Website

Want to improve your website’s domain authority? Here are the 5 simple steps to increase your domain authority.

Step 1 – Make Your Website Professional

You need to improve your website in terms of fast loading speed, better navigation, fully responsive, mobile-friendly and search engine friendly. You can use a premium theme as they fulfill all the above criteria. The layout of the website must be clean and flat, must have a logo, color consistency, a sitemap and all necessary standard pages.

Step 2 – Work On On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays a major role to increase domain authority of website.

Title – Make your post titles catchy and not click bait. Include primary keywords cleverly.

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Keyword Research – The keywords you use in your post determine the page rank. Therefore, choose your keywords wisely for better ranking.

Keyword Density – Avoid keyword stuffing completely. Instead, sprinkle the researched keywords evenly across the post and keep density of each keyword in between 0.5% to 1.5%

Writing Styles – Write in active voice, keep sentences and paragraph short and use examples and images whenever possible.

Apart from these, use heading tags, write keyword-rich meta description and format the post perfectly.

Step 3 – Creating High-Quality Content

Content is the heart of your website. You must put all your efforts to write high-quality content. Use simple words, keep white spaces between paragraphs, and provide quality information. Make sure it is free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, no plagiarism and write unique content instead of spun or automated content. Note that the length of the content must be above 500 words at least and create some epic content of word count above 1500 words. Epic contents get better ranking and more credibility when coupled with creative images and infographics.

Apart from that, you should optimize image size before uploading, put alt text and caption with proper keywords. It is better to use self-created images such as screenshots, diagrams or infographics than copied ones.

Step 4 – Internal Linking and Broken Links

You should always find a way to link your new articles and web pages with existing ones. The greater the internal linking, the higher would be the page rank and eventually, DA score. It helps search engine crawlers to index your site better. You should also find out if there is any bad or broken link on your website from time to time and replace them.

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Step 5 – Off-Page Factors

Get quality back-links from different relevant websites. Do not buy cheap links. Do more guest posting and blog commenting to get back-links organically. Try to get those external links from websites belonging to different Geo-locations.

Apart from these, social media plays an important role in determining DA score. Therefore, put your efforts to establish yourself in social media platforms and engage your followers in talking about you. DA score increases gradually with the age of your domain. It is a logarithm score with slow progress, and hence, it requires your patience and continuous effort.



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