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Top 7 Benefits Of SMS Marketing To Marketers

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SMS marketing is the fastest emerging and the most response gathering marketing strategy existing in the industry these days.

After the apparent decline in e-mail marketing, everyone started having questions like what are the top benefits of using SMS marketing?


That’s exactly what this piece is about, by the end of this piece you should have a concrete idea about what’s accelerating SMS marketing towards the top.

Here you go :-

  • Cost Effective

SMS Marketing clearly has a lot less investments with much better results compared to E-mail or any other kind of marketing.

You won’t be wasting any money on Graphic / Images / or lengthy content writers. All it takes is 160 words to skyrocket your business.

  • Almost instant “Open rates”.

Yeah that means a very high open rate; and that’s what SMS marketing offers you. Infact study shows that people tend to open their SMS messages within initial 7 seconds of receiving!

So that boosts the Open rates. Not to mention that the more any marketing campaign is opened, better are its chances of getting good conversions, so good high open rates = high conversion rates as well.

  • No “Spam/Junk” Delivery box.

With E-mails one of the largest problems is that at times your mails might get diverted to the “Spam” folder. And that primarily happens with mails containing words like “Offer” “Free” and stuff like that (exactly what we would be using in almost all promotional campaigns!)

But with SMS messages, luckily there isn’t such an advanced level detection system yet and hence your mails get sent directly to the user’s primary inbox, and there it gets the equal attention as any other SMs from any other source.

  • Least Personal Information Needed

The reason you’re likely to succeed with your SMS marketing campaigns compared to E-mail or any other such platform is that all those other strategies require the user to fill in a number of details, personal details like Name / Age / E-mail and even address maybe?

With SMS, all you need to ask for is their numbers! Compared to typing all that information, they’re more willing to share just the 10 digits.

  • Short and To-the-point

With E-mails, you get a lot of leeway with your content. So people tend to derail from the primary topic, and a lot of pleasantries take place.

Which might not be healthy as far as the subscribers are concerned. Who has time to read through all that story these days? People want short, crispy and concrete info these days.

That’s what you can deliver via SMS messages, and that’s the reason SMS messages have such high open rates, because people know it won’t contain a lot of good for nothing introductions.

  • Not everyone has an E-mail, but cell phone? That’s universal!

Even though it’s 2016, there’s no guarantee that 100% of the global population (or worth targeting consumers atleast) would have E-mail IDs or other kind of digital media to reach them.

While a cell phone is something even the most socially distant person would have, it might not be smartphone, but a “phone” is all they need to receive the SMS(s), right?

And the added benefit is that they don’t even need an internet connection to receive SMS messages, which is a must with most other kind of digital marketing campaigns.

  • Low competition

The SMS Marketing industry is still in its infancy. So there isn’t as much competition as there is in E-mail or social media campaigns.

People receive thousands of spam mails every day, and hence your mail is bound to get lost in all that noise. Even on Facebook or twitter, the news feed is flooded with such campaigns.

Infact so much so that people have almost turned “blind” to those promotional campaigns even without knowing it. We unconsciously ignore most of the promotional material on social media and most mails in our inboxes even before we confirm that it’s spam.

But fortunately that’s not the case with SMS marketing. People do not (yet) receive a lot of SMS spam, hence first of all your SMS messages won’t get lost, and second you get the desired attention and people “Read” the texts instead of just ignoring them.

Final Words:

So those are some of the most common, and solid marketing benefits so as to the benefits of SMS marketing over any other kind of marketing campaigns.

There obviously are a lot of other reasons why SMS marketing is booming, but it’s not humanely possible to cover every single one of them here, and it’s not even necessary.

I’m pretty sure the above points give you a basic outline of the potential, and you can draw the full picture for yourselves.

Do let me know if there’s another pretty “obvious” point out there which I might have missed.



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  • Yeah, I read all your points its so effective in SMS strategy and The SMS Marketing industry is still in its fancy. So there isn’t as much competition as there is in E-mail or social media campaigns.

  • Thanks, For sharing such an excellent article on SMS Marketing benefits. SMS Marketing can be useful for any business segment in the market, and best of all it is a low investment with high return strategy.