6 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home Using Laptop

Need a way to make some extra money from home?

Many people look to formal jobs  for their sustenance. Some people, however, do not have the privilege of holding such jobs. Students may be unable to hold down a job because the school schedule does not allow it. Stay at home mothers and housewives may also want to make some extra cash on the side but they do not know where to start. For as long as you have a laptop, you can be able to make money online.

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Different Online Jobs to Try Out Using Laptop

There are a number of different jobs that you can try out. Most of these are part time jobs that you are able to do in your spare time. This still allows you to have time to do other things or meet other obligations. You do not have to be unemployed to do these jobs. You could still have a day job and an online job for the evening. Some of the most basic and popular jobs include:

1. Blogging

You do not need to be an expert in an area in order to blog. All you need to do is start a blog. The procedure is very simple:

  • Pick a domain name and register it
  • Choose a host
  • Start blogging

It is that simple. You can generate traffic for your content using different optimization techniques. Once you have a constant flow of visitors, you can sell some of your space to advertisers. You could also become an authority in your field. This could position you as an influencer and open up opportunities for you to participate in influencer marketing.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

2. SEO Content Developer

For this, you need to learn the different optimization techniques as prescribed by various search engines, especially Google. Your work will be to generate Search Engine Optimization content for different websites. There are various online platforms such as iWriter, Contentmart.com and Upwork that connect clients and SEO content writers. The rates are usually lucrative. The more hours of work you put in, the more the amount of money that you will earn.

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3. Academic Writing

If you have a knack for writing and research, you can make a lot of work through academic writing. Students are always late on deadlines when it comes to submitting their papers and essays. They often look for writing services to help sort this out by doing the work at a fee. If you know how to write academic papers or essays, you can start writing freelance or join a writing site to provide these services.

4. Virtual Assistant

You could become a virtual assistant. Many individuals need assistance on issues such as queuing social media content, creating graphics and proofreading articles among other tasks. This job does not necessarily need a certain skill set. You can learn a lot on the job if you are keen enough.

It is advantageous because of the flexibility it provides. You are able to put in a few hours a day and still attend to other things. If you are a student or even a mother with a demanding schedule, you will be able to incorporate this into your schedule and make some extra cash while at it.

5. Online Tutors

Students from all over the world often need tutoring in different subjects. If you are conversant with any of these subjects, you will be able to provide online tutoring services. These pay per hour and are very flexible as well. You will need to set up applications such as Skype. This will help you to provide these services efficiently.


6. Selling Used Products

For this all you need is a laptop and some used clothes, shoes, toys or furniture. Social media sites act as convenient online markets. These include Facebook and Twitter among others. People have taken to selling and buying used and new goods on these platforms. You can create space by getting rid of clutter and earn some good cash while you are at it.

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The Best Laptops to Use Make Extra Money

The laptop that you choose should be one that is functional and reliable. You do not need to spend a lot on the laptop as you will mostly use it for basic functions. Two of the best laptops for online work are:

HP 255 G5

This laptop runs on Intel Core i5-6200U Central Processing Unit. This is complimented by the Intel HD Graphics and the 15.6-inch Windows screen. It also boasts of 256 GB Storage and 8 GB RAM. This entry level laptop is reliable and affordable. It will perform all the functions you need it to for basic online work.

Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138

The greatest thing about this laptop is its long-lasting battery. The battery lasts for a long time with is beneficial to the user. It also runs on i7-6500U CPU, has 16 GB RAM, 512 GB Storage and 13.3 inch Windows Screen. It is also affordable and reliable for all your online work.

Once you really get into it, you can invest in a desk with a large monitor to make working even more fun 🙂

There is a lot to do in terms of freelance online work and each job comes with a good rate. You are able to make some extra money and maintain your lifestyle as well. All you need is a basic laptop and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

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