6 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies Everyone Should Use

An online business cannot succeed without a strong marketing strategy in place. Inbound marketing encompasses all of the strategies used to bring people to your site, into your sales funnel, and ultimately turn them into paying customers.

Today’s inbound tactics involve creating thinking, using tried-and-true tactics, and ultimately providing value for your leads, which in turn gives them a reason to engage with your brand. Let’s take a look at 6 strategies every business should be using.

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6 Inbound Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Show Results

Inbound marketing is a careful balance between value and promotion, between storytelling and good old fashioned selling. Check out these six inbound strategies to turn your online business into a hub of information that brings countless people in to see what you’ve created.

1. Give Away a Free eBook

The best way to get someone to do something, is to provide incentive. People love free resources online, especially if they fit into their chosen niche. Advanced and in-depth guides make for great incentives when you want people to sign up for something, give you an email, or anything in between.

These eBooks tend to be thousands of words in length and dive into their chosen topic further than any article you’ll find online. In some cases, they can also be a compilation of posts that you’ve put together into a single themed eBook. Either way, giving away a definitive guide is going to turn heads.

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2. Marketing Content On and Off Your Site

Your goal should be to create consistent and high-quality posts for your visitors. Doing this is far easier said than done, but it should be a major focus of your inbound marketing. Not only do these posts keep people coming back, but they also act as places to insert your CTAs to further your marketing efforts.

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The same concepts ring true with your offsite content marketing. For this, you should be marketing your content on other websites and on social media. This creates the beginning of your sales funnel and pulls leads into your site by enticing them to click on your external links.

In the mix of all this, you should also curate content from other people, including your competitors. If you have a lull in content, you can share something you thought was insightful from another company or brand.

This keeps the valuable content flowing, and it also positions your brand as an authority in the industry.

3. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

When you’re searching keywords, the vast majority of them will most likely be a single term or concept. You’ll notice that they have plenty of volume, but the competition is going to be intense. How can you break into something like that and rise in the ranks? The answer lies in going deeper than those surface-level keywords.


SEO is practically a requirement for your inbound marketing, but this little-known trick is something many businesses neglect. Long-tail keywords are variations that are two words or longer in length and represent a much deeper and more detailed concept that their standard counterparts.

These types of keywords tend to have less competition because they are more focused, and they also have more value because they represent a stronger intent. Think about it this way, would someone searching for “kitchen” or someone searching for “kitchen mixer appliances” be closer to making a purchase decision?

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Targeting these keywords for SEO and PPC campaign purposes will result in less cost for you and higher rankings on these targeted search results.

4. Build a Personal Brand

In today’s online world of business, you can’t hide behind a logo. You need to create a personal brand for yourself and for the leadership of your brand. Doing this will not only give you another avenue to promote your business, but it will also add the extremely important “human touch” to your marketing.

Building your personal brand is very important especially when you are trying to get clients through your website and you are running a local business in a high competitive niche such as layers. You should have a highly-effective law firm marketing guide to build you brand, get more clients and win over your competition.

Depending on your approach, you could become the face of the brand and market yourself as a thought leader in your industry, or you can simply let your personal branding exist alongside the business and use it to promote your company.

Either way, putting a face to the name will encourage people to engage with your brand far more often and more consistently. This is how you build loyalty, but showing the human side of your brand, and by telling stories that create real emotions.

5. Harness The Power of Email

So, you brought visitors to your site, now what? One of the best things you can do, is get their email and sign them up for a newsletter. Many people assume in this world of social media and search engines, that email is no longer relevant, but that’s not the case. In fact, email marketing has been known to provide a 3800% ROI. That’s $38 back for every $1 you spend!

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That’s just scratching the surface, however. Capturing a visitor’s email gives you the opportunity to provide them with personalized content and shows an interest in your brand. Providing them with relevant email content has huge potential for customer retention and brand loyalty.

Consider some of these statistics:

6. Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is a lucrative strategy for any online business. Not only do you get precious backlinks to your site, but you also build a bigger audience, promote your brand, and reach countless new people with every post.

The best part is that guest posting is simple. You just need to find other sites in your niche that are accepting posts, and pitch topics that you think their readers would enjoy. You can also try searching on social media for guest posting opportunities.

Bringing people from other sites into your own can be a great way to pull new leads into your sales funnel and represents a huge boost in your inbound marketing.

Final Thoughts

Great inbound marketing strategies begin with solid strategies and the right marketing tools for the job. What inbound strategies work best for your brand? Let us know in the comments!


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