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I somewhere read  Knownhost Review for Managed WordPress VPS Hosting, Then I thought to find some more on this VPS Hosting Provider by reading a lot of reviews about Knownhost. But nothing boils down to one single point. I questioned myself, Do I need to buy VPS hosting from for my another website which is on WordPress.  Then I said, Yes.


VPS Hosting is much better than the Shared Hosting. In Shared Hosting the resources are shared among hundreds and thousands of websites on a single and you do not have any control of your server. Also in shared hosting your account will always be at the risk of getting suspended as the hosting company will terminate your account if you exceed the specified limit for using their resources, but in VPS you can use the resources of your server completely that are given to you or that you have purchased for your requirements as there is no limit for resource usage in VPS.

Below are the points, why I find KnownHost as Best Managed WordPress VPS Hosting Provider for
KnownHost Review - Best Managed WordPress VPS Hosting Provider 1

  1. A VPS hosting environment is like a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.  In short, KnownHost is one of the top fully managed VPS services I have encountered.
  2. I came across many new hosting companies like Host1Plus.comHostSailor.comUltra Website Hosting etc.
  3. Then I choose Knownhost because of its features such as – PHP, WordPress, Uptime Guarantee, MySQL, Linux, CentOS
  4. To be fair, though Knownhost Managed VPS Panel has certainly changed in a lot of good ways over the time, their service and uptime are still unmatched in the managed VPS space as far as I’m concerned.
  5. I have to say that their support is pretty responsive, but they don’t always fix problems in a timely manner. I had an issue with a page on WordPress that was just a white screen and they never could fix it. I had to do some reading online to get the problem fixed. Just started a new page and 301 the old page to the new one.Overall, I am mostly happy with them, though. Just wish they would have helped fix my issue better than they did.
  6. I signed up for a VS3 package with cPanel/WHM add-on. Here are the resources included in this package:RAM: 2750 MB
    Bandwidth: 8000GB
    Disk space: 80GB (RAID 10)
    2 dedicated I.P addresses
    Free backups
    Free site migration
    Fully managed server
  7. it will take around 24 to 48 hrs to update the nameserver changes throughout the internet.
  8. KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting Plans
    KnownHost has wide range of VPS plans with their Managed VPS Hosting starting from as low as $25 and going to $120 per month.
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9. There is no hidden fee on any of their VPS plans and they also do not oversell their Nodes. You will get exactly what you pay for. They have business ethics and are completely trustable and professional group of working people.

If you are looking for a responsive, reliable, hosting company, I strongly suggest you give Knownhost a try. You don’t need to be a geek to use their service and you can always reach them by email anytime day or night. You can get basic VPS hosting with awesome support for under a dollar a day. How can you beat that? Not even with a stick 🙂

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