How to Schedule Emails in Gmail To Send Later

Have you ever wanted to write an email message in Gmail now but send it later? If you need to send an e-mail more than a few minutes after drafting it, you run into problems that can be hard to solve. So here comes Boomerang, is a paid app that requires monthly subscription to schedule more than 10 emails per month and take advantage of all its other features. Many people are not ready to shell out $5-10 every month just to schedule emails in Gmail.


Use Google Script that can do exactly that without any limitations; called Gmail Delay Send.

Steps to Schedule Emails in Gmail To Send Later –

  1. first need to enable the script in your Gmail account and give it permission to access your data
  2. Go to Gmail Delay Send main settings page and authorize the access to attach it with your Gmail account.
  3. In the “Gmail Delay Send” section, you need to set “Enable” to “On” to make the script work in your Gmail account.schedule-gmail-emails-enable-gmail-delay-send
  4. In the Advanced Settings section, select “Off” next to “Require label”. Gmail Delay Send is based on triggers to identify a scheduled email to be sent by searching for emails in your Gmail account.
  5. The “Trigger” option here defines total time after which Gmail Delay Send will search your email for new emails to be scheduled.
  6. By default, it is set to 5min, but you can set it to 1min if you want to increase the accuracy.
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only set it to 1min if you really need the email to be delivered on time. This puts more pressure on Google servers which is bad for all the users of Gmail Delay send.


7. Now click on “Save Preferences” button below to save all the changes.

8. After configuring the settings, go to your Gmail account and open the compose window to write up a scheduled email.

9. For testing purpose, you should enter your own email address in the “To” section. After that, enter the subject as you like and move to the body of the email.

10.You need to add a tiny text string at the start of the email that will tell Gmail Delay Send that it’s a scheduled email and what’s the exact time it should be sent. By default, it uses “@” as the identifying symbol and uses date/time format that is understood by DateJS.

11. For example, you need to type “@november 5th 12pm” at the start of the email to schedule an email for coming 5th November at 12PM.

12. To ensure that the format you are using is accepted by Gmail Delay Send, go to its “Settings” again. Here enter the format at the bottom under “Testing Resources” section and click on the “Parse Date” button. Gmail Delay Send will tell you whether the format is denied or accepted.

13. Press “Enter” key to move to the next line. Make sure you press “Enter” and move to the next line as the first line is reserved for the string.

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14. After that enter your message and click on the cross button at the top to move it to the “Draft” section of Gmail.

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