7 Reasons Why Most of Emails You Sent Goes to Spam

Most of the times our emails are getting flagged or stuck by some filters also known as spam filters or they goes to spam instead of inbox. This is very common these days but proceed to further, First of all, the users want to know about this shady stuff.


Define Spam?

It is the kind of email that is equivalent to probably irrelevant, risky or meaningless garbage sent by someone to sell you something or fool the user to installing any kind of malware.

Now I let you know about the filter required to stop such kinds of spam.

Define Spam Filter?

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It is a software program that is used to filter all the emails and typically provided by internet mail server as well as also installed on network servers. Typically, each email is scanned on the basis of some criteria called threshold value. When the certain threshold value is reached during scan, the email is marked as spam, flagged or deleted.

Basically, each filter follows some basic rules to scan a particular email, such as:

  • Subject: check out the phrases associated with spam.
  • Metadata: check the To /From/ CC fields.
  • Content: Check out the suspicious links or images.
  • IP address: check the IP address of sender.

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Reasons behind why an email goes to spam

The user always think that how to avoid all the emails going to spam. But for this, user needs to know the actual reasons behind this.

  • User’s IP address used for spam: The user’s IP address can be easily used for spam by someone else. For instance, if the user send their emails for the purpose of marketing by using any mail service provider such as convertkit. Then, in any case other customer could send spam, than it affects the user’s deliverability too.
  • User didn’t get Express permission to email: This is the basic rule of email marketing. For this, the user will need to fill an optin form on the website that makes it clear that your visitor traffic are subscribing to your email list.
  • User has low open rates: When the open rate is less below certain criteria, than all emails are definitely flagged as spam. Precisely, to increase the open rate, user should send emails at right time, segment user list, keep the list fresh always..
  • User have low inbox placement: The main cause of low inbox placemen is the less mailbox usage of inactive email accounts. To prevent this clean the user’s email list periodically if the user is mailing to large number of addresses.
  • Subject line is misleading: Sometime the user adopts some misleading subject lines for their recipients to induce them to view the message.
  • User’s Metadata information is inaccurate: Always make sure to include correct metadata information such as “from” that your visitors are likely to remember.
  • User didn’t include “Unsubscribe” link: At the bottom of the email, always include “Unsubscribe” link feature.
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