What is Freeware, Open Source Software & Shareware? And Difference Between Them

In this post, We will learn “What Is The Difference Between Free Software, Open Source Software and Shareware”. Most people are always confused over them. Here are the answer of What is Freeware? , What is Open Source Software?, What is Shareware?

What Is Freeware ?

As you all know about some free software’s that are available for use without paying any single penny such as PDF file generator often called  Adobe Acrobat Reader, internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and the most popular voice over IP Skype. This software is proprietary software that is used without payment but may usually not modify known as Freeware software’s.


The software comes with license that provides some restrictions to users on the type of use such as it is available only for private use, individual use, public use, academic, educational and many more. Furthermore, some other restrictions are like software use is restricted for server only, with some hardware devices, over selected private network only and so on.

The main advantage of freeware is that it is completely free to use and is covered under copyright. Apart from this, one primary disadvantage of freeware is that you can’t modified or sell it in future.

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What is Open Source Software?

As the name suggests, the source code is open to use. Open source is that kind of software mechanism through which the source code is made available with license that provides rights to change, use, distribute to public.

Various instances of open source software are are Apache HTTP Server, LibreOffice, Chromium and many more. Open source software is easier to obtain than any proprietary software as increased adoption of that standard. It helped to produce reliable, lower cost and high quality software package quickly.


The open source has license which allows the software package to be freely used and modified. It must be approved by open source initiative review process.

The open source software’s provides the give and take economy as improvements made by individual to an open tool offers to the original developer benefits the entire community.  In the event of software failure the developer and innovator work together to cover the failure to make sure that software still works.

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What is Shareware?

Shareware is proprietary software that is initially free of cost to users, who can share copies of the program. Sometimes, all the features of software are not available. Some versions of program have built-in expiration date, after that the user can no longer get access to program.

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Shareware is also known as liteware can disable some features automatically to make an enticement to buy the complete version of software. The author’s permission is needed before the distribution of software. Various examples of shareware are Getright, WinZip and many more. The shareware software methodology is based upon “try before buy”. It has fewer prices and less overhead too and also provides the money back guarantee too.

These days the most popular shareware software’s are “trial software” or “demoware”, that provide us a demo to try for a limited time such as two weeks. Once the trial period is over, you must pay for software if you are willing to continue.

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