How to Start a Blog on WordPress for free

Designing a blog is a dream for many. A Blog lets you share your thoughts and ideas, or helps to expand your business. But the question is how to build a blog?

We are making it easy for you by explaining how to create a blog for free in WordPress. This platform provides you with free blog hosting.



Follow the five simple steps on how to create blog :

1. Register to start a blog for free

To start your own blog register your account visit and select the ‘Sign Up’ button with a valid email address. Then fill username and password correctly, and you will be asked to confirm the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to check the box where ‘ Gimme a blog’ is written as it is mandatory to create a free blog.  You can also select your desired language for your blog websites. It also gives you an opportunity to decide whether you want your blog website to be public or private.

2. Select unique Domain Name for blog creation

To create your own blog you need a domain name. Come up with a list of URL names that are related to your blog. Most of the bloggers prefer to keep their name for their free blog sites. As we make a blog with WordPress, you will find at the end.

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Now you got a clear image on how to make a blog. Activate your free blog site account by completing the verification process. For that, you just need to login to your email and click on the activation link.

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3. How to make blog Theme

To create free blog, WordPress provides templates are that are filled with a wide variety of options such as widgets, sidebars which can be customized according to your need. The best feature in free blog creation is selecting themes as WordPress gives some options to go through. You will find this button on the left side of the menu in Appearance tab. Explore the themes that are available in the WordPress and choose the apt template to make in one of the best blog sites.

4. Make blog user-friendly with widgets

Customizing your free blog on WordPress is made simple with the widgets. This appears in the Appearance tab. You can use widgets to add text boxes for pasting the ad code, Search tools and much more.

You can design the margins of your blog with widgets and can decide what your readers must see in your blog.   It is simple to use, just drag them from the list and drop in the widgets and they will get automatically added to your blog. Every blog site will have a dashboard which helps you from managing themes to creating posts and moderating comments.

5. How to start blogging

Once you have completed customizing your blog and its functionality, create your first post to start blog. It is not easy to understand how to do a blog. Select “New Post” option and then you will get a page where you have to enter title and body of the blog.


To create a blog for free, you can find various editing tools which enable to insert images, links, highlight text with bold and italic font and much more.   Click on the preview to see how your page appears in your template. Everything is done then click on Publish button which appears in dark blue to create blog.

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Then it’s time for publishing your first post and seeing your dream to come alive.




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