15 Best B2B & B2C Lead Generation Tools in 2021

The best lead generation tools for B2B & B2C that we are going to talk about in this post will help you monetize your web traffic better by improving the way that you do inbound and outbound sales and marketing. These tools should feed your sales funnel and help you increase your revenue.

  • Marketo

    Marketo is a marketing automation software that makes it easier for marketers to engage customers and sales prospects. Using a marketing automation platform is what 87% of top-performing companies are doing, meaning it’s what best-in-class marketers do to better contribute to the sales pipeline. Companies that use software like Marketo will have stronger and more successful lead generation efforts.

    Marketo Best Lead Generation Tools
  • Intercom Acquire
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    The best lead generation tools that we are going to talk about in this post will help you monetize your web traffic better by improving the way that you do inbound and outbound sales and marketing. These tools should feed your sales funnel and help you increase your revenue.

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  • Turnstile

    Turnstile is a great way to identify high-quality leads with video. Connect your account to your favorite email provider, then add an email capture gate to any point

  • Qualaroo

    Qualaroo is often thought of as a customer research tool. If you’re unfamiliar with their product, they provide unobtrusive mini customer surveys that enable you to communicate with visitors on your website.

  • Leadformly –

Your form is what separates your leads from non-leads.Because of this, small improvements to your lead capture form can have significant impacts on your overall conversion rate and marketing performance.

  • Unomy –
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Find your perfect prospects and win more deals with Unomy’s sales intelligence platform. Unomy provides in-depth sales and marketing intelligence to B2B companies around the world. Every day our teams of data scientists, software developers, analysts, and B2B sales and marketing mavens are helping businesses around the world find new customers, win more deals and market more effectively.

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  • Lead411.com

Founded in 2009, lead411 is quickly becoming the go-to platform for sales intelligence and lead development.

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A Platform Designed For Growth. Wishpond Marketing tools designed to quickly and easily scale a business. No coding required.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - The #1 plugin for successful Affiliate Marketing
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  • Reply –

Lead generation platform with variety of tools from contest management to drip email campaigns, pop-ups, etc.

Reply App Best Lead Generation Tools
  • LeadGenius

LeadGenius; a software company with the heart of a social enterprise. Today, the world’s fastest growing companies and Fortune 500s alike choose LeadGenius to help them find and connect to the companies and contacts that are most important to them.


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5 thoughts on “15 Best B2B & B2C Lead Generation Tools in 2021”

  1. In addition to the tools listed above, quiz has found considerable popularity and great use. These are the so-called polls that help the customer choose services with goods and smoothly push them to purchase. There are a lot of tools that allow you to create quiz, of the good you can recall stepFORM, which allows you to collect quiz of varying complexity without resorting to programming.

  2. Very useful material added to his bookmarks. I tried many different services for creating online calculators, among which Contact Form 7 and uCalc plugin were the most popular. Pretty good tools for creating calculators.

  3. Hey Rahul, there are a few more that I have used and are really efficient like:
    1. Rapportive- a browser extension that brings the various social media profiles of your Gmail contacts right to your inbox.
    2. Aeroleads- a platform that provides both lead generation software as well as lead generation services. If you wish you find leads and their contact details manually, then you can go for the software.
    3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator- It allows sales professionals to tap into the power of LinkedIn efficiently. It improves social selling in support of powerful daily habits.

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