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3 Challenges Start-Ups/Brands Face When Creating Digital Content

When you are trying to create a digital content for your brand there are several things that will always keep coming up, therefore, pulling you behind whenever you make an onwards step in progressing your brand. Your everyday wish is how you can have a common ground where you can put your brand and content to speak on the same page. However here is a brief overview of some of the issues which will easy transform your content into the blood that flows through your company and unifies it.

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  1. Non-engaging content

If you will generate your pick up a line as the other content writers do and start by exclaiming the fact that you need a blog then automatically you are as well planning to fail as the rest have.  Engaging your customers goes far beyond providing a box to ticket or providing dotted lines to mark. It requires a story. There should always be a question that you ask yourself and find the depth of the answer by yourself. Most content marketing will plot and plan tactics, create content, then set goals (blog, posts, and shares/ likes). This will push you to the interests of having new posts ever now and then but, have you ever thought about who reads your posts and what information do they find relevant in relation to buying your brand.

For you to become a digital brand marketer then you have to change the path you are following and become a storyteller, ensure you engage your audience in a way that they will stick with your brand for as long as they can.

  1. Content isn’t effective

Most marketers view content as a campaign and therefore end up creating more content that has irrelevant information concerning the brand. Been digital simply means having an insight about the brand that you are passionate about. More content does not necessarily mean more value or bigger sales.

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To build value on your marketing strategy requires you to think beyond. It needs a lot of commitment in brand promotion and content planning. Set your eyes of the expenditure list and start focusing your content as an asset in business. Ensure you create the content brand and not a branded content for your business advantages. This is where you will bring forth the value of your portfolio thus increasing demands of the services or products you sell.

  1. Content does not convert

Setting up a business all you think of is how you will start making returns from the investment you have made in setting the whole thing up. However, when you don’t have specifications on the type of audience you are targeting probability shows that you will never succeed in the business. You cannot make sales from everyone and you can never find everyone’s satisfaction, however, you can take that chance by enriching your content to a specific audience and make sales to them. Don’t be confused by the number of likes your brand receives on social platforms and start viewing them as a business success. It’s one thing to have the likes and your content receiving multiple shares and it’s another thing to make a sale. Focus on selling not receiving likes.

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