5 Best PopUp Plugins Which Help You to Increase Conversions

Landing page conversion is one of the most discussed subjects in the internet marketing industry and  webmasters now employ sophisticated wordpress plug-ins in order to get the eyeballs of consumers and  increase conversion rate of the traffic coming to their website. The idea is to convert visitors into customers through the right wordpress plug-ins that can help you convert your visitor into a follower or customer and thereby build a mailing list of customers on whom you can rely to get honest feedback on a regular basis.

 Let us talk about the best five pop-up plug-ins in detail –

  1. Bloom

  • Part of the elegant themes family, bloom is by far one of the most effective pop-up plugins that can really take your campaign very far. No wonder it sits right on top of our list of best pop-up plugins that you should embrace for your landing page optimization.
  • Visitor stats are offered and this plug –in integrates seamlessly with most leading email list software like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor so your mailing list will get automatically updated as users keep signing up. Being a paid tool, it offers premium functionalities; choice of 100 + styling templates and much more that is waiting to be explored.
  • With all these functionalities you can be rest assured that all your followers get their daily/weekly newsletter which is much harder to ignore and almost always catches the attention of the readers as it stays archived in the inbox.

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  1. Popup maker

 Simplicity, ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of the popmaker opt-in plugin that can be used by almost anyone with little or no training. You can put just about any content in this popup maker and it offers the option to add animations, scrollable content and control the position and size of the pop-ups. Highly recommended for first time users!

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  1. Popups – WordPress Popup

One of the most popular popup plugins that helps users control when to show plugins and when not to show plugins. Add to this the ability to display multiple filters based on the demographics of each user and their browsing habits. Campaign managers can add shortcodes for social networking and use the settings feature for adjusting the location, timing and hiding of each popup. Quite useful in large scale digital marketing campaigns!

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  1. Popupally

Customize sign up forms through this advanced plug –in (without any coding) that are just great for increasing your mailing list. Being a premium paid tool it offers 30 -day training to users for building a mailing list as it is compatible with most email list softwares.

Ensure that the sign up form should hit the eye of the user as a dialog box or slide-it in after the user has spent some time scrolling your page from top to bottom. It shows he is interested in what you are trying to convey and will very willingly give his contact information as he is also interested in staying up to date about your product or service.

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  1. PopUp by Supsystic

 Creative design, exit popups for bounced customers, customizable themes, and attractive templates to gain more social followers, drags n drop features for opt-in list builder, intuitive GUI that detects exit intent; this one surely indicates what the next generation of pop-up plugins will be like.

Image result for PopUp by Supsystic plugin

Don’t forget the thank-you note

Surprising as it may sound, but including a thank you note after the customer has completed the purchase has a long –lasting impact on the minds of consumers. It shows you care about the purchase which has been made is of top priority for you. All leading eCommerce companies in the world include this thank-you note at the end of the check- out process.

Armed with all this information, you can now safely assume that surfing the web would become even more interesting in the near future than it is now!



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