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Everything about Google Andromeda OS – Uses, Launch Date, Benefits

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What is Andromeda OS –

The world is growing and technology is evolving each day. With this evolution, new things are coming up which are regularly changing the expectations and are fulfilling needs beyond thought. Google Andromeda which will soon be launched is an example of this wonderful change.

It is a mixed version which will be collaborating two completely different operating systems which are Android and Chrome. Andromeda got its name by combining these different sources only. It is a new benchmark for the technology with wonderful features which is going to change the coming decade completely.



Andromeda OS Uses:-

Android and Chrome are both are highly useful and have their own importance and significance. Andromeda is a small initiative to bring a big change by combining these two Operating Systems together, and enjoying the benefits of both of these services. You will enjoy the following uses and advantages with it:-

  • An ultra-thin laptop will also be launched which is internally known as Bison and will be later on known as Pixel-3. This laptop is said to be the thinnest laptop ever and will have these wonderful OS with so many extra features and qualities.
  • The RAM which is going to come will be minimum 16GB with a storage claimed of 128GB.
  • The mobile applications will become more dynamic, fast and rapid.
  • All the benefits which users enjoy differently with chrome and Android will be added to it.
  • This OS will be universal which will work on all the platforms from Smartphone’s to tablets and PC’S.
  • Rumors also discuss that this operating system will be multi-tasking with an added multi-window feature. Hence, you are surely going to get much more than what you expect from this OS Andromeda.

How Andromeda OS  Can Be Beneficial:-

This category for this OS should be like how it will be not beneficial as there is absolutely no field where this new OS is not going to help. It will be universally accepted, it will support a great and huge RAM memory, it will have with it benefits of both Google and Android, it will help its users to think out of the box. Basically, it is going to be a great invention which will change the history or I should say that will bring a revolutionary change in the OS world.

When Andromeda OS Is Going To Be Launched:-

News and sources tell that Google is planning o launch this Operating System along with the Pixel-3 laptop in 2017.  More details and new about this launch will be revealed on October 4 at an event “Made By Google”. Many people believe that Google will be hinting towards the hardware development of this OS at this event and will tell the world that soon such an amazing OS is going to come as this news has not yet been verified by Google directly.


So, a new revolutionary change is soon going to knock our doors with Andromeda. All we have to do is just wait to see this great creation as it is going to change the definition of creativity and reach every height which every OS should by making it universally accepted.


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