Facebook Lead Ads & How You Can Download Lead Data

Facebook has prepared the process of generating leads on the platform much simpler. With the novel objective of Lead generation, you can request customers and visions for their information, and they can offer it without ever having to leave Facebook.
Here is detailed guide and explanation on how you can download data of lead campaign from Facebook. For this you are required to first create a Lead ad and then download data of Lead campaign.

Steps For Creating Facebook Lead Ad:

At present, you can just create and edit the lead ads inside Power editor. If you have not make use of this tool before, it’s a best tool for creating and managing the ads of Facebook.
When you download your ads account in to this editor, click the button for Creating Campaign in the top left corner. From here, enter a name for your ad and get on the drop-down menu of objective. If you have admittance to this objective, you will have look to menu options alike to the below image.

Choose the option as shown below and then proceed to the creation procedure of ad as you usually would. When you get off to its level, you will observe the below segment of form.
Facebook Lead Ads

  • Click on the button of creating new form in order to create your first lead making form (and each form for that stuff).
  • Next, enter a name for your form inside the text box and go to Next.
  • Now pick the details that you wish to get from customers and views.
  • You can also include any custom kind of questions that you wish to ask. When you are completed accumulating your questions, go to Next.
  • Include a link to your privacy plan as you will require this and click on Next.
  • Now mention your address of website. Customers will have the option to click over to it after they send the form. Then click on Next.
  • You are required to preview your form, and if everything looks fine, click on button of creating form.
  • After you have made all of your ads, give them a concluding check for typographical error and then upload this ad account.
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Procedure for downloading Your Leads:

  • Retrieving your leads is a labor-intensive process for now. Facebook does not so far provide an option to import your leads inevitably to a tool like mail chimp.
  • To acquire your leads, go to the Facebook page that is linked with your ads and click on the tab of publishing tools at the top side.
  • From there, go to Form library on the left hand of the screen. Remember that you require having admin permission to view forms.
  • On the right side, you will observe all of the forms that you have made. Hit off on the link of download after to your form to download your leads in the format of CSV.

The column fields are appealing self-explanatory. Columns from A to F provide you details regarding the campaign, ad, when the lead was taken and which form it was. After that, you will get the info that you requested from users.


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