How to use AdWords Scripts Like A Boss

Adwords Scripts is the way to control the adword account using JavaScript code.The Automated Tasks can be created by using these Scripts.The knowledge of coding can be helpful for proper working of Scripts.Scripts are pieces of JavaScript code that automate tedious processes that no longer be done manually.Scripts, which use simple JavaScript in a browser-based interface, can be employed to automate common procedures or interact with external data.

There are certain key parts to the Script.

•    Functions
•    Variables
•    Objects
•    Entities
•    Selectors
•    Methods
•    Iterations

The following the Anatomy of the key parts in the Scripts that is easy to understand.


There are few things that are important
•    Adword Scripts are case sensitive.
•    Scripts can run up to once an hour.
•    Never run the Script without previewing it first.

You can use scripts to automate common procedures or interact with external data.

Adword Scripts:

•    You can write your code in JavaScript.
•    You can Embed IDE in Adwords User Interface.
•    It is a Simple way to access Adwords Data.

Things you should know and Require
You should be Familiar with Programming in JavaScript on a Basic level. And you need an account in Adwords to write your Script.

Uses of adwords Script –

•    Used to parameterize Ads.
•    Used for Accounting Alerts.
•    Used for quick one time tool.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

•    Log on to the Ad words Account and Navigate to the Campaign’s Tab.


•    Now click on Bulk operation, now click on scripts. Now Click on +Script to bring out the Script Editor.
•    Create your own code now in the Script editor.
•    Click on Authorize now to Authorize your Script.

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•    Now click on Run Scripts.
•    Click on preview and Wit for the result.
•    At last you have grant Permission.


Now let us examine what a Script Looks like.

function main() {
  var keywords = AdWordsApp.keywords()
      .orderBy(“Impressions DESC”)

  Logger.log(“10 keywords with most impressions yesterday”);
  while (keywords.hasNext()) {
    var keyword =;
    Logger.log(keyword.getText() + “: ” +
The above text is the sample Text.

Before previewing or running the changes, you’ll get a message asking you to authorize this script to make changes on your account. Click “Authorize now” above the script editor, then “Grant access” to confirm this script has the authority to make changes in your account.


•    It helps Manage Multiple client Accounts from a single Script
•    No more Copy-Pasting a script into Multiple Accounts.
•    Process Multiple Accounts in parallel.

If there is any problem in the Script then there is Documentation for that.


•    You can go to the developer mode and use accordingly.
•    You can also click on Show examples for the script to know well about them.

adwords-6You can also view samples and better the knowledge that you lack.

Then also you can use support to know and eradicate the Problems that the java Script might cause.

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