Best Online Coding Courses You Should Choose for Better Career

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Obviously no one wants to get habituated of the same programs, same common themes  and those old outdated software’s and this desire of inventing something new in the IT field is made true through Coding. Everyone wants to be constructive to bring something new that could bring more facilities to the world and this can be achieved if you have mastered coding completely. Today, a lot of focus is given on this aspect because coding has the efficiency to change the world. Also “ I am a coder” in an interview can bring a lot of attention to your chances of selection because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

With the time a lot of coding courses have been started both online and offline. Online coding courses seems easy to some while other understands it better on an offline basis.

So, here we are going to list some of the best online coding platforms/ courses along with their brief details:

1: Code School

According to the user reviews if you want a reliable platform to learn coding, then this is one of the best you can ever find on the internet. Code School also offer some of the free courses , so if you want to get into on a trial basis then you can easily check their teaching style, beliefs and teaching practices in a quick time. They besides having a wonderful site also upload videos which are easy and really catchy to learn from. Also the videos are presented in an attractive and funny style , so they make sure that you don’t get bored while learning from them. Monthly subscription would cost you $29 per month which is affordable. So, this is probably the best coding website you can trust.

2:Khan Academy

This academy is also counted among the bests in this coding field.  The website maintains simplicity in everything they want to teach. The voiceover is provided with the codes they write, so this makes the coding format reach directly to your mind. Besides after each lecture some demo quizzes are organized by them so that you can conceptually go through what you have learnt from that particular video. So it’s like a homework where you can think properly and know that why a specific code was actually used.

3: Udacity

 Udacity is a site where you can not only learn coding but can also gain the knowledge of other technological courses like Robotics, CAD etc. So, basically it’s an all-rounder. It also maintains simplicity and direct to the point beliefs in its lectures or videos. The various other courses are also explained with a brief outline consisting of the scope and opportunities you can get doing that specific course. It also charge an average monthly fees like other similar platforms but trial facility is also provided at the same time.


Udemy is a platform which not only lay focus on the courses but also on the specific topics of the syllabus . Moreover, it includes a complete list of all the possible courses and topics so you can easily choose anyone from them. Besides, Udemy is an expensive platform which offers some free courses but at the same time can also charge hundreds of dollars from the client for any course. If you are finding for any online course whether it is related to technology, coding or anything else then you can simply find it here. It provides you with the knowledge of every possible course basically.

Start learning on Udemy today!


5: Skillcrush

Skillcrush is also a very good online coding course that besides having a beautiful website excels in the way they teach. It provides totally an offline feel to the students and one-to-one query solving facilities. So, if you have any doubts regarding anything you can simply chat with the tutors through an online chatting facility. The tenure of the course can be as per your demands but the basic ones remains fixed and it is totally your choice about for how long you want to learn.

6: Treehouse

Treehouse is also considered as one of the best coding course online because of the relevant material it provides for its students. It not only student-centric but also arrange workshops and videos of industry professionals for the students to help them know about what actually is required and is in scope at the very moment. It offers a large variety of coding courses some of which you can get free and other paid. There is a two-week trial provision included to adjust and figure out their teaching style. It also provides its users an ipad application to ensure easy and consistent learning that adds a plus point to it.


To the people you cannot pay to learn coding somehow can try this course. It’s an absolutely free platform that provides an easy and completely free teaching video on coding. You don’t have to pay on this. You can simply learn from the videos and try doing yourself at the same time. That’s why it is also counted among the best online coding courses.

8: Code Avengers

Code Avengers has a simple approach to every problem that is brought by its students. It basically has the step by step teaching practices but leaves no fault when the thing is again to be taught. The tasks they give include problems which lies on an average scale of difficulty level , so this way they makes sure that atleast something is going in your mind. It also has the same criteria of monthly-subscriptions for its courses besides giving some flexibility of free video courses. The videos too are easy to understand and contacting options are always available to the students/ users.

So, these were the best coding courses online and you can easily select anyone from  them according to your conditions and requirements. Everyone of this is a really good platform that can teach you coding within a month or so. All you need is the passion and love for the course you want to opt. So,make choices carefully and be a good coder.

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