[TIPS] How to check if Website is Good or not ?

In a past few years, the reliability of the people on the internet has increased magnificently not just because of the comfort it gives to its users but also due to the vast  good quality  information that can be found here. Now internet is regarded as a more trustworthy source than any other printed source in case of imparting information about anything we can possibly imagine. This internet basically works on its websites which specialize in different niches and genres and surprisingly today we have millions of these websites on the internet. These websites can be high quality ones, average ones or the scams (frauds) and it’s really hard most of the times to figure out about which one are the legal ones and which are frauds. This insignificant growth in the no. of online portals or websites is due to the open accessibility to everyone who can afford to pay for promoting their stuffs on the Internet. This seems legitimate too because internet has also become a source of impressive income for a lot out there.


But not every website on the internet is a genuine one and there had been cases where people not  been able to properly judge them and this makes them susceptible to the cyber related frauds. This is because almost more than half of the users do not know about how to find if the website they are using is a genuine one or a scam just to fish one more client and shockingly, they keep on using these services without assuring themselves of their genuity even after such incidents. A lot we can pay concern for is to make sure if the services we are using on a website or the information we are looking at is true to it’s knowledge and 100% scam free or not and here we are going to discuss some of the Key points that can let you know if you are going good or just entered into a wrong place:

1: Check out the Domain names

Domain name is the web address listed in the format like “www. Example.com”. What fraud websites do is that they have their domain names completely different with the stuff they post on their websites. Mostly their domains deal with the names of famous brands or commodities which only their trademark companies can own and their content show no relation with their domain names. So, always have an eye on this before continuing any further activity.

2: Address bars

Also check if that site contains a safety tick or any other mark of verification through the address bar. These marks differentiate the websites verified by the Google from the rest. If there is no such sign/mark, then be suspicious and alert.


3: About the author or “About us” section

Every genuine website has an “About us “section where you can get information about the person or organization responsible for it. Try to search the name of this organization/person in the search engine to know about them. If no such thing exists then the site is most  probably a fraud one because fraud ones do not include any “ about us” section on their sites. Also stay cautious from the anonymous authors on any site.

4: Reviews

Reviews are the personal opinions of the people about the website , products or service the site has been providing from their own experiences. So they are honest and most true that can tell you how the site actually works and how are it’s services . So read them carefully before moving any further. Don’t just stick with the positive ones, infact pay more concern to the negative reviews to know it better.

5: Domain name enquiry

Enquire about which organization or person in general owns this domain name . Pay more concern about when it was purchased, expiry dates, Creation date , registrar details and other minor details as well . You can quickly judge if it’s a genuine or a fraud website simply by reading and searching for this information.


6: Try Contact / email /what’s app information

If such things are available on the site, then try contacting them ( calling or mailing) . If it goes engaged even during the working hours or any other automatic voice call tells you anything different you have never heard before, then stay alert. Contact information reveals the best details after reviews.

7: Check if appropriate security is being maintained

Various e-commerce websites and recharging portals need card details, pins or the OTPs for online payment methods . So make sure that such sites have well maintained and secure transaction gateways to prevent sharing your details to a third party. For this, every such website should have an SSL Certificate with them that ensures and guarantees a safe transaction or money withdrawal, which obviously a fraudulent site won’t pay concern at buying. These fraud sites are extremely dangerous to be on.


8: Terms and conditions

Almost no one pays attention at reading this section of the website but this is the place where you can find the most basic details about the working policies of that particular website along with the practices and advisory info in case of mistreats . Every website has this terms and conditions section within them and it comes under the norms too for designing a verified website. So rather than blind-foldedly trusting the website , pay attention to this section also along with the other measures.

9: Check for the errors

Websites which try to pretend what they are actually not ends up leaving grammatical or detailing errors in their contents. For eg: If any website posts things in English, then it’s authors/bloggers would make sure that the content is presented without any grammatical errors in a more specific plus organized manner  but those which are error flooded have the maximum possibility of being a fraud one. So go for every minute detail if you feel that something is wrong with the website.


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Rahul Setia was born and raised in the Kaithal, Haryana. He worked at brands like Jabong, ProProfs etc. He was also in the List of Top 100 Social Media Influencer's 2019 by Status Brew. He lives in Delhi/NCR and is a Digital Gig & Founder of Websites i.e TechBlogCorner.com, ViralMasalla.com, DealorCoupons.com. Follow me on: LinkedIn, @rahulsetia007 and Facebook.

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