How to Use New Expanded Text Ads in Google Adwords


Expanded Text Ads are 2x bigger than current text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description. (And with a mobile-first mindset, whatever works on mobile is going to get applied to desktop too.)

Expanded Text ads will show across all devices – desktop and mobile – and will wrap automatically based on device size.

At this time, it isn’t possible to opt out of displaying expanded text ads. The number of ads shown in your ad units is automatically determined in order to maximize clickthroughs and revenue.

How Much Are Headlines Expanding?

Advertisers will have two 30-character headlines when Expanded Text Ads become available later this year.

Advertisers currently are limited to a 25-character headline.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

That means our headlines will soon increase by 140 percent!

How Much Will Descriptions Expand?

Advertisers will have one 80-character description line.

Advertisers currently are limited to two 35-character description lines.

That means descriptions will increase by 14 percent.

What’s Changing With Display URLs?

AdWords will automatically extract the domain from the final URL.


Advertisers can then add up to two paths to enhance the display URL (using up to 15 characters).

Does dynamic keyword insertion improve CTR?

Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is one of the oldest tricks in the AdWords playbook to create ads that look more relevant by repeating the keyword in the ad. We wondered if this trick is overused and may have lost some of its impacts.

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Lazy headline creation with lots of repetition of keywords doesn’t appear to be a good strategy; rather, it seems that well-crafted, thoughtful headlines deliver a better CTR. It’s not really surprising that shortcuts don’t work that well.

Above all, focus on relevance. If you need some tips for what to test, here you go:

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion doesn’t perform well in ETAs.
  • Use the headlines to make a compelling argument, and don’t just stuff them with keywords from path1 and path2.
  • Use path fields, but using two paths may be overkill.
  • Write a headline that makes sense, and don’t worry about using up all the characters.
  • Use all the space you have in the description field.
  • If you want to run mobile-preferred expanded text ads, use Ad Customizers.


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