6 Best PPC Practices for Modern Mobile Advertisement


The online marketers have been attracted towards the changes in high tech only with the emergence of mobile devices, a more true technology. 

With the widespread acceptance of tablets, smartphones for casual browsing, digital marketing and many more evolves with such technology. 

For modern mobile advertising there are few best practices, such as.

Ad blockers-

The block technology called ad blockers is used by online marketers to block pop-ups, cookies, add-ons, images and more makes difficult to retarget the target audience with creative work.

The 2015 Ad Blocking Report describes that these days about 200 million people are using ad blockers, increased by 41% from 2014.

In-app Ads

The content blockers won’t block the in-app ads as they will block the ads running on websites. Two types of ads are there such as web app that is run from browser.

On the other hand, the native apps that runs outside of browser.

Ads run on these native apps can’t be blocked as they embed in code.

Furthermore, to run ads on native apps, Google Adwords are promoted.

According to the survey, 89% of time mobile users spend on native apps rather than 11% of time is dedicated to browsing.

Mobile ads becomes driving force of Facebook

From 2012, the Facebook’s desktop ads revenue has stayed flat about billion dollars per quarter as compare to mobile ads that rose from three billion dollars per quarter.

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According to more stats, from past eleven quarters, the 90% of Facebook’s revenue growth results only because of mobile ads.

Now the mobile advertising revenue is 78% and 74% of total revenue. Facebook made a fruitful decision to adopt the mobile ads as a part of business model.

Instagram Ads

Facebook owns the Instagram a mobile app has a more than 400 million of user base. It’s also comes in the category of native apps that won’t be affected by ad blockers.

Advertising Giant Google

Google uses AdWords for offering opportunities for mobile marketers and also offers AdMob to make native apps that allows apps to advertise apps that play pay –per-click game.

The strong feature of these apps is that they are not blocked by any ad blockers. Google also can help their advertisers by using various marketing options such as.

For instance, if you are running a native app of your product than Google lets you run an additional add that attracts the target audience by offers like “ Trial Option” ad of 30 seconds.

The trial option is also work well in physical world so it will be also successful in digital world.

The ad is about that if people like what they see, they can download the app within 30 seconds. That “Trial Option” ad is priced per click.

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Paid ads overlaps local Search engine result pages:

The mobile advertising completely overlaps the SERPs on mobile browsers.

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If the user wants that the business he/she started will be on top ranks, they are going to have advertised that on Google.

If you are not placed at top than people are going to have to scroll down before they find the local listing.

Thus, the advertisement on Google has a competitive advantage for local businesses.

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