How Data Mining can help Your Business Thrive – The continuous Innovation

Everyone must be aware of data mining these days is an innovation also known as knowledge discovery process used for analyzing the different perspectives of data and encapsulate into proficient information.  Mining is the process used for the extraction of hidden predictive data from huge databases. This process also indulge various types of tools that are used to predict behaviors of firms and allowing firms to take proactive and knowledge based decisions. Data mining implemented on parallel processing workstations, the tools associated with it can examine the massive databases to deliver the sophisticated answers. Moreover, the continuous innovation in workstations power for processing, storage space and statistical software’s increasing the analysis accuracy while cutting down the cost. Through high speed processing, users can experiment with more models to extract the complex information from massive databases.



The activities like market and product analysis, customer research and so on has been done by using mining activities. Furthermore, some organizations don’t have enough resources to perform mining. The best solution is to outsource mining services to professionals having skills to provide quality services in the quickest possible time.

Explore the following areas in which data mining can help to grow your business.

  • Market Segmentation: The segmentation of customers defines that the analysis data can be segmented into various market segments based on non-functional parameters like gender, income, age and so on. It can improve the conversion rates and useful in understanding the market competition and takes business at new heights.
  • Sales Forecasts: Data mining can help to examine the customer’s purchase pattern, to forecast the future purchase of next item. This helps to derive actionable insights to personalize the sale of complementary products along with main product.
  • Customer Buying Patterns: Customer buying analyses is important to analyze the retailers that can create products that sell. The customer buying pattern can be examined through various market surveys, questionnaires and so on.
  • Inventory Planning: Data mining used for inventory planning, to explore the products that will become obsolete in future. It also analyses the appropriate level of stocks of products. After studying customer requirements and preferences, the retailers can set the best deal for products.
  • Customer Loyalty: customer loyalty is difficult to achieve in the volatile business environment where it’s hard to maintain target audience with sales strike. To build long term customer relationships, adopts the data mining techniques.

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Harinder Kaur has completed her in Computer Sc. & engg. from Kurukshetra University. She has done research on Mobile ad hoc networks as project fellow at SMVD university. She is currently working on her new startup

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