How Location Based Marketing Could Help You Win Clients

Location Based Marketing is a hot breeding that diagnose the location of clients. The smart phones are built up with the magnetic sensors that are used for the tracking purpose and send the alerts to the owner about the latest offers from nearby firms. The social and personal characteristics of customers are described based on their location. The motive of marketing is initialized by using mobile marketing, to capture all the activities of customers.


The location based alerts as text messages sent to all the dedicated customers that include information about product offers, deals, and coupon codes and so on. The current device location is tracked when user install application and confirm to use the device’s current location, than the software named geofencing comes into field that triggers alert messages to customer when it crosses the eligible boundary.

This mobile marketing technique is used to locate the user and attract the customer towards several offers. Through this the gap between online and physical user diminishes and promote the purchases. Location based advertising points the user’s location and send location based alerts on their mobile devices. It provides relevant information, latest offers, and personalized messages direct to customers rather than spam.

It can also be used to research the user by sending new information and to tailor future promotional offers. The user’s past consumption data is used to forecast future assumptions and send special offers to target audience on right time at right place to build the user interest to product.

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