Best Digital Marketing Tools that Save Many Hours of Your Time


The today’s internet era, can automate lots of user’s task and save plenty of time to focus on some other important stuffs. Several tasks associated with digital marketing can be performed with the help of automated tools that makes the marketing on internet much easier and simpler. To kick your efforts up a notch, following are the several flavors of digital marketing tools.

Digital marketing can be performed by SEO Tools, Content marketing tools, email marketing, website analytics tools and social media tools.

Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketing :-

  1. io- As the name suggests, this tool helps to find the contact information of users. It helps to find email address of individuals by uploading list of names and removes manual process of finding contact information.
  2. BuzzSumo: This tool analyses the information about people, topics, headlines etc. It monitors the article alerts to track the content of competitors.

Email Marketing Tools for Digital Marketing :-

  1. GetResponse: It is a lead generation platform, allows the user to focus on providing the best content to their target audience. This tool provides several features such as webinars, surveys, email analysis, email design, email automation and so on.
  2. Aweber: It’s a email marketing tool, used by small firms to automate emails and newsletters to increase the client retention. It also helps to create attractive email templates for marketing campaigns.
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Website Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing :-

  1. Google Analytics: To analyze the traffic ingredients from different sources such as mobile devices, search engines etc, number of website visitors and how do they follow your website, Google web analytics is used.
  2. Kissmetrics: To make better and effective marketing decisions, Kissmetrics becomes very popular these days. It concludes the visitor action on a website even notifies when visitor uses multiple devices.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

  1. DeepCrawl: It’s a website crawler that analyses the architecture of website and monitor several issues to improve the optimization performance. For organic ranking, the website architecture should be easy to navigate for both users and search engine.
  2. Webbee: It’s a SEO spider desktop tool that crawls the contents of website just like search engine does. It identifies the various website contents like Meta data, H-Tags, sitemaps, internal links, keyword audits and many more.

Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing :-

  1. Facebook’s Power Editor: For creating and running advertisements, facebook has its own tool called power editor. The tool adds new features for targeting and budgeting. This is paid social front for users as there is no third party barrier tp promote the website or make advertisements.
  2. Offerpop: It’s a marketing platform for the engagement of hashtag campaigns, quizzes, referral programs, contests and much more. This tool is used to engage global brands and convert mobile and social clients.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the important tools. I think content should be done manually and submitted on various blogs to boost your ranking and traffic.

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