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[Quick Guide] How to use Affiliate Program

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Before starting, How you refer & earn money using Affiliate Program, I’ll first explain what is Affiliate marketing & why it so important for today’s digital world.

What is Affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a place to unite the client, merchant and publisher under a single roof and be known by performance based marketing as well as commission based marketing. At this platform, when the individual refer or introduces a product to any client and in concern with the recommendation; client buys that product, the purposed commission is rewarded to individual. Most of the companies these days sell their products by using this strategy. To turn up into affiliate, the individual needs to just sign up for the selected affiliate program and a tracking link is associated with individual. The individuals tracking link is used to promote the company’s website and if the client buy anything by referring your suggestion, the commission is rewarded.

How Affiliate Program works ?

ContentMart introduces affiliate program – It’s simple, just invite a customer to join and get 10% of the order price on their every order completion till one year.

The best part is, you don’t need an exclusive training to learn using Affiliate Program, you can simply sign up for a free account and start exploring the dashboard.  Sign up for a free account here.

Simple steps to refer & earn at : –

  1. Inviting

You will earn only if you invite a customer, not a copywriter, Just copy the referral link from Affiliate Dashboard.


 2) Sharing

Anyone can refer/share & earn.

3) Receiving

You will receive bonus on client orders only till one year of their joining.

4 ) Earning

How much you earn, depends on you
“More customers you invite – More money you get”

Note : you can withdraw the money only when you have minimum 3000 INR in your Affiliate Dashboard.

One thing which I like about is you can easily promote using a single affiliate link & can track in your dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of Affiliate Dashboard which you can use to copy your referral link & start affiliate promotion.


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