Firebase- a Unified App Cloud by Google

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firebase by google

Google introduces its new cloud product named as FIREBASE cloud is a library for the development of applications that is used on shared basis. By using firebase cloud, the changes are made live and synchronized to all clients automatically. It is launched in 2014 and it is highly expandable today with new features. Google takes its existing developer tools such as Google Cloud messaging and combines them together to develop new firebase cloud.

When firebase comes into market than it acquires upto 110,000 developers on the service but turning into unified app the developers increased by the number of 470,000.

Creamy new features that completely moulds the Google’s Firebase.

  1. Integrated analytics services: The new firebase provides integrated analytics services similar to Google analytics. This feature will take basic user information while visiting the website and build the target audience segments and analyze the audience behavior on website.
  2. Remote Configuration: By using A/B testing, the developer first makes remote configuration changes and take actions to test the past audience who have previously visit the website or use the app.
  3. Firebase Cloud Messaging: The cloud messaging service helps the developer to send the firebase notifications to all the connected users. It is based upon Google’s cloud messaging and unlimited notification messages are translated to all users through iOS, Android as well as Web.
  4. Firebase Cloud Test Lab: The firebase developer console incorporate the new update named as the cloud test lab, for testing the various mobile application by users on real time platform.
  5. Crash Reporting: This feature inspects the affect of crashes the data on users. The developer integrates the dynamic links that set some rules to track the status of users. For instance, if user uses the android based application that the link point to the app directly. If the user don’t have such app than the link point to the Google store, to differentiate between the app users and non app users.

Further more, the Google App Indexing also turns into Firebase App Indexing to index the application content into Google search and incorporates with Google Adwords and Admob for advertising.

Moreover, the main aim of Firebase is to attract more users onto cloud platform. It ties itself with various services offered by Google as well as ads business and services like BigQuery etc.

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