Behavioral marketing on Facebook and its importance in 2016

Behavioral marketing is simply the combination of two segments named customer behavior and marketing. Behavioral marketing is a different concept that observes the behavior of audience first before reacting. On the other side of coin, the direct marketing that uses the same content for different types of audiences just to promote a product as in a traditional way.Behavioral marketing analyses the target audience based on their behavior on web sites rather than the pages they often visit.

The behavioral marketers compile the IP information and click bit data of consumer as well as attract them by serving advertisements on web to specific segments. “When the marketing automation and consumer’s behavior considers together on real time channel than relevant campaigns of ads automatically driven based on their actions”, power of behavioral marketing.


Individual’s behavior and marketing system tie together across different platforms. Such as:

a) Email Message: Check the time did the customer notice or interact with the email?
b) Social Channel: This channel checks the status of prospect on social media; customer sign up for facebook, twitter or comment on any blog.
c) Website/ blog: Through such web tracking technologies the producer can measure the behavior of consumer. Did the consumer visit the corresponded website or blog?

d) Customer Relationship Management: The CRM is an opportunity that a customer contacted by salesperson.
e) Mobile Apps: The mobile apps use QR Code to avail the services at trade shows, counter booths, text message service at retail outlet.

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By using automated platforms the study of customer behavior information takes place and the firms creates behavioral profiles of individuals. By examining the profiles, request messages are forwarded to target audience and response messages will increase over time. As customer interaction with website increases rapidly, the firms are able to distinguish the website experience by analyzing his or her past behaviors.

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To utilize the behavioral marketing, consider:

• Based on the audience behavior create the profile.
• Define the certain actions that producer want to linked with each profile.
• The tracked data about visitors allows tailoring the specific message.
• For new consumers, the messages are more focused on the distinctive features of website.

Career Importance of behavioral marketing in 2016

The biggest platform facebook, users interact with each by sharing their information about likes, comments, friends, interests as well. Such prior information creates a online peer to peer review about certain product, indulges the customer likes and dislikes that helps in marketing.

Another platform called Youtube, here the ads associated with customers watching videos results into behavioral marketing.


Thus, to interact with resources, the online retailers and social channel use this strategy not only to sell their product but also provide goods and services to customers to improve their quality of life.

a) These days’ consumers are looking for relevant information. 23 percent of consumers want the content that they are viewing and 21 percent expects the content related to their location.

b) The impact of customer behavior varies from one device to another as time spent by them on digital media has increased to 5hr and 38 minutes a day, with 2 hrs and 51 minutes of time spent on mobile.

c) Ecommerce represents their retail revenue from browsing to buying as the growth will have reached $1.5 trillion in 2014.

d) The market research says, behavioral marketing is promising area to indulge with expected growth of 41 percent between now and 2020. The expected yearly salary numbers are $60,570.

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e) For multitasking skilled persons the job growth is about 14 percent from now and 2020 and expected yearly earnings are $108,260.

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