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How These Marketing Tips in 2017 Can Help You Predict the Future of Business

Every business needs marketing that clearly outlines the features of a product to their ideal customers; either business firm is small or big. Marketing is the best strategy to position the business in front of target audience or clients.


Relevant for small firms


Small firms needs smart investments as these firms are challenged with thousands of constraints at every step. Thus, users can promote their small firms with the mixture of right activities that can focus on every tactic of business.

The relevant marketing flavors to promote a small firm are listed below:

  1. Marketing blueprint: The initial step is to prepare a marketing blueprint or a plan by revisiting the market research and discussion to promote the firm. Such plan helps you to refine the product, target clients, requirements full fill and niche.
  2. Promotional material: The promotional or marketing material needs creativity with the product that includes business cards, brochure, digital brochures, redesigning the contents of website that helps to promote the product in audience.
  3. Advertisements: The advertising media is very essential or effective way for the promotion; includes advertising through billboards, yellow pages, sidewalk sign, newspapers, entertainment channels, stickers etc.
  4. SMS marketing: short message service is a best and cheapest way for the promotion of product these days. It opts the benefits of product or relevant best offers on monthly basis. Sending messages at right time with best offer can easily build the strong conversations.

Relevant for big firms

The big firms have relevant budget for marketing expenses. The marketing budget should be aimed to achieve measurable goals via best platforms for target audience.

The marketing tips to promote big firms are shown below:

  1. Email marketing: The big firms use the email marketing technology to attract the audience by visualizing the free vouchers or offers to make audience willing to follow their email once.  Firms start sending regular emails to get touch with their clients.
  2. Contests and coupon strategy: This strategy can be accompanied with the frequent visitors of website by advertising the contest among them. Select the customer of month to avail the services of coupon.
  3. Content marketing: To direct the target audience the best pieces of fresh content can measure the requirements of a client. To extend the visitors add the images with your text such as info graphics.
  4. Social channel marketing: social channel or interaction marketing is a big boon to promote a business these days. It incorporates various mediums like face book, book marking, groupon, business blogs, twitter, vanity URL, so on.

In 2016, the marketing world comes up with new facts and stats.

  1. In 2016, the internet influence showing an 18.2 percent growth as compare to 2015 in unpredictable ways, says by U.S Ad age.
  2. The internet consumer’s average attention span is 8 seconds comparable to 4 seconds in 2000, revealed by Microsoft corp.
  3. The 83 percent of audience frequently visits the firm website channel before any purchase, according to M&R Marketing Group.
  4. The 2016 stats reveal that 1.2 billion audiences are comfortable to access the web from mobile device, states by Mobify.
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