Why Do People Think Smart Lists in Google Analytics are a Good Idea?

Smart lists  in Google Analytics will identify the top percentiles of your website’s visitors in relation to transactions. This means that you need both a significant volume of pageviews and ecommerce transactions. Otherwise, Google may use conversion data from sites similar to yours in order to identify the qualitative audience.


How Smart Lists work :

Analytics applies machine learning to your conversion data to determine which users are most likely to convert in a subsequent session. Then, Analytics dynamically manages the Re-marketing Audience to focus on those users.In the event that Analytics cannot use your data to update a Smart List for more than 90 days, it reverts to a model based on similar businesses.

Must Have Requirements to generate a Smart List –

You need to have adjusted your Google Analytics code to enable remarketing and advertising reporting features as per instructions here.  You also need to have at least:

  • 10,000 daily pageviews on your site
  • 500 monthly transactions

If you don’t have enough data, then Google will look at businesses that are similar to your own and generate your list based on signals from their data. The list will work better if it’s made using your own data, but it’s still worth testing this list out even if you know it won’t be based on your own signals.

How to Set Up a Google Smart List

If you think setting up a Smart List could be a good option for your business then follow these steps to get started.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press
  1. Go to your admin panel in Google Analytics
  2. In the middle column (Property) scroll down to Remarketing – Click on Audiences
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  1. Click on New Audience
  2. Pick your website view and AdWords account
  3. You will see Smart List at the top of the recommend audiences
  4. Select your membership duration (30 days is the default) and name it
  5.  Now the next time in your AdWords you should see this list.

Where can I place Google Smart List ads?

Google’s Smart List is only compatible on the Google Display Network.It does include Gmail and YouTube.

You can more about it here & you can leave your thoughts down below as comments. Thanks for reading my thoughts on smart list in google analytics.

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