How Mobile Apps Helping Entrepreneur

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Today’s entrepreneur accelerates their business with wealth of information, connectivity and resources available immediately through internet. A new renaissance for entrepreneurship has helped spawn the young and experienced entrepreneurs to access the use of internet so easier to get exactly what they need to create ideas for their business, execute their plans for future and perfect their approaches in perfect directions.

Mobile apps proved a great discovery in the field of advancement and advertisement of business. If you think that mobile app is solely beneficial for big brand like Walmart and Bank of America, then you are under a wrong impression. More and more small business, midsize business and entrepreneurs are following the trend of affiliating the use of mobile apps in the business ideas, understanding the effectiveness of mobile strategy is more unique and transcendent than a mobile friendly site. In fact, these days if being noticed small businesses and entrepreneur you interact with in your daily life have their own mobile apps, you can experience the use of mobile app while sitting at coffee shop or the beauty spa downtown. Such entrepreneur and small business companies are ahead in the game of marketing to the next level.

Why mobile apps necessary for business?

In case you have query in your mind that why would anyone would want to build their own mobile platform, here are the answers of your curiosity.

1. Visibility to your customers at all time:-  The most important feature of creating a mobile app is that you are visible to your customers all the time. Statistics shows that an average mobile user spend more than 2 hours on his or her mobile device a day. Only handful of applications use the bulk of the total usage. A useful app can be beneficial for your business. The user scroll and scan their device for the application they are looking for, being ‘in their way’ can be an advantage for an entrepreneur company.

2. Direct marketing channel is being created:-  Mobile apps creates direct marketing channel as it provides general information of the product, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds and much more. One of the most appreciable benefits of the mobile application is that all the information you would like to provide to your customers- including special sales and promotions of the product is right at their fingertips. Direct interaction with customer gets you close with them as you receive push up notification and customers can be easily reminded about the product and services of your company whenever it makes sense.

3. Provide value to your customer:- Digitalizing provides value to your customer, instead sticking to the old point- collection card, make it possible to collect reward via your mobile application, which would result in more downloads and more return customers.

4. Build brand name and recognition:- Business awareness is been created with the contribution of mobile application of your company. It could be reviewed in two aspects as, the combination of which would make your app a true winner for your business.

. Brand. A mobile application could be considered as a blank bill board sign, in which you can do what you want to do; make it stylish, functional, hip, shocking or informative. But in real a mobile application must be featured according to customers’ requirement, it should consist of features which are friendly in use, at the same time it must be branded and beautifully designed.


. Recognition:-  Recognition the other feature which is build through mobile application in which you can involve more and more customers with your app which results in the inclination of customers towards your products and services. An effective frequency could be noticed in marketing and selling of your products. For the start ups and entrepreneur mobile app is best for recognition and creating their  brand name in the market.

5. Improve customer engagement:- Mobile application has proven utilizing marketing tool for all kinds of business whether it is small or big. Nothing matters if you sell flowers or you own beauty spa, your customers needs a way to reach you. Having a messaging feature in your app can really make a difference how you communicate with your customers. For an example if a customer is looking for a table in restaurant and a click can provide him his requirement it would be more comfortable for him to book just by clicking on the app rather than calling in restaurant for booking table.

6. Stand out from the competition:- Instead of the advancement of the mobile application still the use of it is limited to few areas and companies, it is rare in small business and this is where you can take a  step ahead of your competitors. You can be the first entrepreneur in your neighbor to offer a mobile app to your customers.

7. Cultivate customers loyalty:- Last but not the least, the most important reason why mobile apps helps in business marketing is customers loyalty. With all other kind of advertisement and noise out- the banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper adds, flyers, face book ads , websites website banners, coupons and email marketing- we loose our impact on the customers as we are surrounded by marketing all above. Mobile application creates a sincere connection with your customer, making them loyal lover of your product and service.

Mobile application could not save your business but it can help an entrepreneur to stay close to your customer and being just a finger tip away from them always.

Its anyone’s ball game:– Although you may be early adopter of mobile marketing, its important that you know that there’s nothing which can hold your competitors back from getting started. And by using  tools such as mobile app for an entrepreneur can be really smart thinking and smart planning and can have an application in no time flat. And using such tools once created in a small fraction of time can it would take built from ground to highest level

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