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Gone are the days when one has to stick to the desk to monitor and manage activities of his start-up. With the innovative tech-gadgets -such as Android powered smartphone and tablet– and right apps installed in them, you cannot only keep an eye on your business activities but you can also perform various tasks to increase your sales on the go.

Small business owners should be thankful to Android app developers who have developed smart business monitoring apps and made them available for free, providing them with some sense of relief. Following are some of the smart business apps that you can easily install in your Android smartphone or tablet to manage all your business activities efficiently.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Remote Desktop app by Microsoft is nothing less than a blessing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. With this Android app installed in a supported device, you can take remote session of your computer, physically located at workplace or at home, and remotely work through your Android device.

Besides just accessing files stored in a particular computer at your workplace or sending an email to the contact which you have not saved in your phone, you can also experience full desktop version of Microsoft Office suite direct from your smartphone.Moreover, you can edit and send files stored in your computer without downloading them in your gadget.

  1. Google My Business:

As it names, My Business app by Google is specifically meant to help out the small business owners. This smart app can help business owners to get done some of the most hectic tasks efficiently including listing your business on search engine and map. With this app, you can easily list your business on Google Search and Google Maps so that the customers can easily navigate to your business easily.

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Moreover, it also offers some of the amazing features such as business information verification, analytics of customer interaction, management of customer reviews, and many more. Also, it notifies you when customers start discussing your business. In short, it helps business owners to get more market exposure easily.

  1. Square Register:
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If you are running an online business, it is must to integrate an online payment mode –payment via credit cards. Although, every business owner and kick-starter wants to equip such important features in their website but due to the requirement of costly equipment, they are not able to integrate it in their website. However, with Square Register, a free payment merchant, they can offer credit card payment option to their customers.

Another advantage is that you do not have to pay any one-time, upfront, monthly or yearly chargesto use this service and you will only be charged whenever any of your customer swipes credit for making payment against the product purchased or service availed from you.The business owners only have to bear a nominal fee charge of 2.75% of the total amount on every swipe which is quite low amount as compared to the cost of installing credit card swiping equipment at premises.

  1. Expense Manager:

If you are running a business, you would have been bearing the expenses of different kinds such as equipment maintenance, landline and mobile bills, data plan charges, etc. Not only you have to bear those expenses but you also need to manage them. With Expense Manager App, you can now easily get rid of entering daily, weekly, monthly or any other extra expenses manually.

You can do a lot of things with this app such as categorizing your expenses, recording incomes, setting monthly expense limit, keeping expense distribution log and many more. One of the efficient features of this app is ‘Spreadsheet Export’ which produces an Excel file of your monthly expenses. Therefore, you do not have to enter all the expenses manually in the Excel.

  1. Business Tasks:
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Managing all your business tasks is another tedious thing to get done. Usually business owners need to hire an assistant who can remind them their daily to-do things but this is really not the only way to get it done. With a smart app such as Business Tasks, you do not need an assistant anymore.This app allows you to add daily tasks and notifies with alarm on the specified time you have scheduled tasks. This way, it narrows down chances of missing any important event or task, even in busiest hour.

It is really a great app that allows you to sort tasks via drag-and-drop option, creates list for missed calls automatically, postpone less important tasks with a single tap, add contacts in tasks,create color code tasks list, etc. Moreover, it comes with Google Task and Toodledo synchronization. So, you can have view of all the tasks that you have created on Google Task and/or Toodledo in a single place.

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